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A good EPOS system is now fundamental to any hospitality business, whether you have a pub, bakery, cafe, restaurant, member’s club, or QSR. The right technology ensures you’re giving the best possible customer service and also puts you in the best possible position to plan for the future. But how do you find the best EPOS system for your needs?

What are the main features to look for in a hospitality EPOS system?

When selecting a hospitality EPOS system, there are a few features that most businesses need. Here are the main features to look for:

  • Menu Management: Effortlessly update, modify, and tweak your menu in-house
  • Inventory Control: Seamlessly monitor ingredient levels and automate purchase order generation
  • Payment Processing: Provide flexibility by accepting various payment methods, including contactless and mobile payments
  • Reporting and Analytics: Harness insights on sales patterns, customer preferences, and staff performance to inform strategic business decisions
  • Integration with Other Platforms: Foster a seamless workflow by integrating your POS with online ordering systems, delivery apps, and accounting software

Let’s look at the main features and things to consider in more detail…

Look for customisation options

Every business is different, and your EPOS system tech needs to reflect this. Stay away from ‘one size fits all’ approaches, and look for a system that is flexible for your needs – and can grow with you in the future. Think about what features you’ll need a year down the line, as well as what you need now.

At Gardiff, we put together your EPOS system based on your unique business requirements. We give you what you need to maximise efficiency and grow your business.

Make sure it’s easy to use

You’ll want your system to be simple for staff to learn, so they can start using it as soon as possible. An intuitive interface is essential, whilst managers will benefit from personalisation features like menu planning and item availability. It should be hassle-free to update menus and pricing in-house without having to contact your EPOS system provider.

Get a hospitality specific system

When you’re choosing an EPOS system, you’ll probably come across software that targets different industries – hospitality, retail, leisure and more.

Choosing a system that specialises in hospitality is important, as it will have extra features designed for the busy hospitality environment. For example, the ability to manage tables, split the bill, and tweak orders.

At Gardiff, we’re hospitality specialists, whether that’s an independent, local pub or a nationwide fish and chip chain. Our software is designed with businesses like yours in mind.

Look for integrated payment systems

Providing customers with the flexibility to pay in their preferred way is crucial, as it will influence their decision to revisit your business. An integrated payment system will seamlessly connect to the EPOS system, allowing payment amounts to be set with no manual input. This speeds up transactions, enabling faster table turnover.

Think about staff efficiency

Your EPOS system should help your staff perform at their best, and one way of delivering this is through handheld ordering tablets. These are a cost effective replacement to pen and paper, giving your team members the power to process orders from anywhere on your site. This frees them up to provide better customer service without having to constantly return to the bar or kitchen.

Check if support is included

You need to know that your EPOS provider will be there if something goes wrong. A lot of systems today don’t include support as standard, and if an emergency happens, you’ll be left on your own, or with a hefty bill to pay for help.

At Gardiff, all of our EPOS systems come with 365 day support as standard. Our team is able to access your system remotely to give you a hand with whatever you need, or if needed, we can send out an engineer to help.

Make sure the cost is transparent

Your EPOS system is a long term investment, but that doesn’t mean the most expensive option on the market is necessarily the best. Costs vary a lot between EPOS providers, and can be based on many factors including how much hardware is needed, software integrations, support level and number of venues.

When you get your quote, make sure the cost is clearly laid out and ask about any additional or hidden fees. Compare quotes from your favourite providers based on the features included, initial set up costs, and potential future costs for emergency repairs, support or system expansion.

Choosing an EPOS system for the hospitality sector will need some consideration to avoid common pitfalls, and to make sure it works for your business’s specific needs. We hope we’ve helped you make an informed decision to help your business’s success and efficiency.

If you’d like to learn more about Gardiff EPOS and how we can help your hospitality business, get in touch with our friendly sales team.