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Your EPOS software is an invaluable asset to your business: handling orders, taking payments, stock management and reporting on sales. It helps you manage your business, but did you know that your EPOS can integrate with additional software?

Third party software integrations can help connect different parts of your business, helping to streamline and improve your operations. From automating tasks to exporting data, they help to reduce manual data entry to save you time.

Here are our top software integrations to consider for your EPOS system, and how they can help to improve your business operations.

What is POS integration?

A third party software integration for your POS or EPOS is software that’s designed to connect and extend the functionality of your system. Your EPOS system will come with a set of features that can be combined with the software integration to provide new insights and make managing your business easier.

Your EPOS acts as a central hub that collects and distributes data between your integrations.

For example, your daily sales can be automatically exported from your EPOS into an accounting software integration. Although you can view reports in your back office, specialist accounting software will have more functionality for breaking up data into accounts. The two parts work together, with your accounting integration using the EPOS data to set up the accounts.

Gardiff EPOS is able to integrate with market leading software, such as Xero, Quickbooks, Sage, Just Eat, Deliveroo, WooCommerce, Shopify and more.

Accounting EPOS integrations

Our software is able to link with HMRC recognised accounts packages. Your sales information will get sent from your back office to the integration, making your tax easier and reducing your administration time.

Xero EPOS integration

A Xerointegration lets your process your sales data into financial accounts, leaving no need for manual data entry. Gain a real-time view of your cash flow, and reconcile in seconds. Xero automatically connects to HMRC, making taxes and VAT returns easy.

EPOS Sage Integration

Sage allows you to manage and automate your payroll, making it easy to complete online submissions to HMRC directly from your EPOS software.

Quickbooks EPOS integration

An integration with Quickbooks helps you manage taxes, payroll, bills, and expenses. It automatically takes sales data from your back office and imports it into the Quickbooks online accounting software reducing the need for manual processing.

Food Delivery EPOS Integrations

Send your takeaway orders straight to your till, no matter what platform they were placed on. Online ordering platforms are able to connect with your EPOS solution to push incoming orders directly into your system. If you have a kitchen display system, your orders will be automatically displayed here, helping your kitchen team easily manage orders and save them time.

Food delivery integrations feature live menu control, with the ability to sync your on-site menu with your online ordering. If you run out of something, you can update the availability in real time and mark items as out of stock. These integrations also make it easy to break down your sales for each channel.

Gardiff EPOS can integrate with the market leading delivery apps: Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo.

EPOS Website Integrations for eCommerce

Shopping online concept - Parcel or Paper cartons with a shoppinIf you have an eCommerce website, you can integrate it with Gardiff EPOS to sync your website sales with your physical sales. Save time when managing your shop by syncing products, inventory and customers. Automatically print or show your online orders on a display, so staff can start preparing what needs to be shipped.

Our system is able to link with popular eCommerce software such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento and PrestaShop.

Other Gardiff EPOS Software Integrations

Our EPOS systems are able to integrate with a range of other software, including:

  • Labour Management – Easily manage and automate staff scheduling
  • Hotel PMS – Manage hotel bookings and dining in one central location
  • Security – Integrate your CCTVs and door entry systems

Streamline your business operations with Gardiff EPOS

We provide complete EPOS systems for hospitality businesses, personalised to your and your needs with the ability to choose what hardware and software features & integrations you need to support your business. A fully connected system means running your business is streamlined and simplified. Your staff will have more time to focus on giving a great customer experience.

Interested to learn more about switching to Gardiff? Get in touch for a free demo.