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One of the biggest outgoing costs in any restaurant is staff, so you’ll want them to be as efficient as possible. By integrating technology with your staff operations you can help increase the speed of service, reduce timely admin tasks and make your operation more efficient overall.

What are the benefits of technology in restaurants?

Implementing technology into your restaurant can provide many benefits for your business:

  • Technology can help you reduce operating costs by streamlining processing, automating tasks and reducing the need for labour
  • Technology enables restaurants to serve more customers in less time, increasing the efficiency
  • When technology is involved customers receive better service. It’s easier to offer a more personalised experience with solutions like online ordering and mobile payment systems
  • Automating manual tasks make it easier for restaurants to manage their operations. Your employees will be free to focus on customer service

What restaurant technology should I implement?

Integrated card payment terminals

Integrating your card payment terminals with your Gardiff EPOS system simplifies the payment process for both your staff and customers. Orders are processed directly through the EPOS system, eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing the chances of keying errors during transactions. With integrated card payments, transactions can be processed swiftly, reducing waiting times for customers and minimizing queues during peak hours whilst simultaneously providing seamless reconciliation of sales and payments

This increased efficiency improves overall customer satisfaction and encourages repeat business.

Handheld ordering tablets

There’s no longer a need for your front of house staff to write down orders on a notepad and have to run back to the till to process the order. Giving your wait staff tablets is a simple and effective way to improve productivity. They reduce errors that occur due to handwriting and as they automatically link to your EPOS software, save staff time having to go back to the till to put in orders.

As orders are processed more efficiently tables will be turned faster, and overall service speed will increase. Staff will have more time to spend giving great customer service, with promotional menu items and allergy information clearly in view on their tablet.

Labour management software

Integrating your EPOS system with a labour management solution helps to optimise your staff scheduling by considering labour demand, peak hours, and employee availability. The system allows your management team to focus on running the business by accurately forecasting labour needs and efficiently scheduling staff, helping you to avoid unnecessary overtime and reduce labour costs, leading to increased profitability.

Labour management systems often include employee communication features, such as shift updates and notifications, facilitating smooth communication between management and staff whilst helping to ensure compliance with labour laws and regulations

Kitchen display system

Adding a kitchen display system eliminates the need for paper and printing, and seamlessly connects your front of house to your kitchen staff. This reduces misunderstandings over what’s been ordered, and custom prep times can be set to ensure meals all go out at the right time. The KDS can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your restaurant’s kitchen by allowing you to customize the display layout, categorize orders by type, and adjust settings to match your workflow.

A KDS can be particularly effective if you’re having to consolidate orders from different sources. The system will display orders whether they come from the EPOS terminal, online ordering software or a kiosk, making it simpler for your staff.

Self-service kiosks

Offering self service kiosks in certain types of restaurants can help to cut wait times, speed up the order processing and reduce the workload for your staff. They fully integrate with your Gardiff EPOS system to ensure order accuracy, helping you to run an efficient operation and reducing congestion at the main counter during peak hours. Self-service kiosks can be programmed to suggest additional items or upgrades, providing opportunities for upselling and boosting average order value and creating improved customer satisfaction.

By implementing self-service kiosks in your restaurant, you can elevate the overall customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and stay ahead in a competitive market.

Integrating technology into your restaurant can have an immediate and effective impact on your staff’s productivity. By equipping them with streamlined technology, day to day tasks become much simpler and they have more time to focus on what’s important. Your staff will appreciate having a seamless and flexible workplace, and your customers will reap the benefits. Get in touch with us to learn more about how restaurant technology can benefit your business.