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Take payments on the go

Powered by Viva Wallet

Take orders and payments on the go with a Viva Wallet integration for your Gardiff EPOS handheld ordering system

Instant Payment Processing

Payments are processed in less than 2 seconds, leading to shorter queues and more satisfied customers.

Easily Control Payments

Guests can pay with cash, card or contactless, with next day settlement on all orders.

Transparent Acceptance Fees

Get up to 0% acceptance fees if you use a Viva Wallet digital debit card for your business expenses. Earn them back with money credited to your Viva Wallet account.

All In One Solution

Take orders, payments and print receipts on a single device.

Payment clearance fee is set by Viva Wallet. An additional ISV fee of 4p is added by Gardiff.
Learn more about the terms and conditions here.