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The till has always been at the core of any hospitality or retail business, and many still think of it as a big, clunky device. But technology has evolved and till systems have had an upgrade. They can still process sales, but now with the power of EPOS, they can do so much more. Choosing the right one for your business have a massive impact on your operations and success.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the reasons why you should be using an EPOS till if you’re not already.

But first, what is an EPOS till?

An EPOS till is more than a traditional cash register, it’s a complete solution that helps to run your whole operation. An EPOS system normally comes complete with the till terminal, receipt printer and cash drawer, but can be customised with additional EPOS hardware and software. It’s capable of helping you complete all your main management tasks, such as managing stock and reporting on sales. It can also come with tools to encourage customers to spend more, and return. If you want to learn more about what EPOS is, read our article answering the main questions first. 

So why should I be using EPOS tills?

Update menus and pricing with a few clicks

One of the main benefits of using EPOS tills is that you can make price changes on every till instantly. With the till software, you can update your menus and pricing anytime, anywhere, on any internet connected device. Make menu and pricing changes across your business, or schedule the changes for a specific date. Your tills on the system will automatically update.  This means there is no need to go back to your office and edit prices in a spreadsheet if you want to change them for a particular product or service.

Stock levels are automatically monitored

If you’re a growing business, inventory management can be a big cost. With every purchase from an EPOS till, stock is automatically updated and sales data is tracked. This way, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of each sale manually—instead, the system does it for you! You’ll be able to see what items are selling and which ones are not, which helps you make better decisions when it comes to ordering new products.

Customer orders can be sent direct to the kitchen

You can send customer orders directly to the kitchen from the EPOS till, speeding up your service and reducing mistakes. Your staff will also have more time to focus on customer service and delivering great food. Front of house don’t have to type in every ingredient or worry about spelling mistakes, and kitchen staff can see customer’s order on their screens, or kitchen printer allowing them to prepare dishes simultaneously.

Easy secure access to your business records

With an EPOS till system you can access your business records from anywhere and at any time. These are recorded in real time. This is an essential benefit when it comes to running a busy business, as it allows you to keep track of sales, stock levels and so on no matter where you are in the world.

It’s also secure, so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access by employees or customers—or hackers! The security features offered through EPOS software allow you to lock down certain areas of the system if necessary, meaning that only people with permission have access to them.

The back office software also makes use of cloud technology which means that all information is stored ‘in the cloud’ rather than locally on individual devices such as servers or PCs. This means that all data is backed up automatically and accessible from any internet-connected device including mobile phones.

Integrate with tablets, self service kiosks and online ordering apps 

One great thing about EPOS is growing your system is easy, and there’s a whole range of integrated devices to enhance the customer experience.

Give your wait staff tablets so they can process orders from the table and send them directly to the kitchen or bar, front of house and customers via a tablet or iPad. You can also install a self service kiosk, so customers can place their own orders, encouraging them to spend more.

If you want to offer takeaway, you can also get your own online ordering app or website so customers can order directly from you.

Built in loyalty management

One of the most important parts of running a business is keeping track of your customers. An EPOS till makes this easy, as it can store customer loyalty cards and reward them with discounts or bonuses based on their spending habits.

The loyalty card system can also be used as a marketing tool. For example, you could give new customers a free coffee when they spend £10 in one go, or have people collect points that they can redeem against meals or other perks.

The thing about EPOS systems is that they are so easy to use and understand. They can help you grow your hospitality business by giving you more control over how it runs, as well as giving customers new ways of ordering or paying for their food or drink. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run or how many staff members there are – an EPOS system will save money and time while making life easier for everyone involved! If you want to find out how an EPOS till could work for your business, please get in touch