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The rise of EPOS technology allows both small and large businesses to benefit from better insights, flexibility and tools. Choosing the right EPOS software can have a big influence on your growth, but there can be a lot to learn.

What does EPOS stand for and what is an EPOS till?

The term EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale , meaning a till that runs on software that gives you tools to manage and grow your business. This can include features such as product management, inventory management, data collection, and more, as well as standard sales processing.

An EPOS terminal essentially combines a cash register with sales software, giving you a product that you can rely on for everything you need to run your hospitality business. They are extremely flexible, with a range of integrations, hardware, and features that can be added to the system. This can give you a big advantage as the EPOS system can grow alongside you.

What’s included in an EPOS system?

An EPOS system typically includes an EPOS hardware touch screen till with EPOS software installed, as well as any integrated hardware such as cash drawers and receipt printers.

What does an EPOS system do?

EPOS solutions will as a whole help resolve demands across your business. They make it easier to run your business and gain access to KPIs such as sales, performance, stock and customer information in real time. With an EPOS system, you’ll get a much better overview of your business to help you plan for the future and identify areas for growth.

As well as processing sales, EPOS systems can be integrated with a large number of software and features for accounting, e-commerce, staff management, payment processing, and more. This creates an efficient ecosystem for your business, helping you run your entire operation on one platform.

What are the advantages of EPOS?

Data reporting and analytics

A big advantage of EPOS is the amount of data and analytics they are able to record. They make it easy to gain insights into every aspect of your business, helping you to improve your margins and plan for the future. You’ll be able to view data on your employees, control stock levels, track sales, manage accounting, and learn about your customers.

Detailed transaction data is also stored. This can come in useful if you receive any complaints as you’ll be able to see what time they were served, and who served them.

Streamlined service

The integrations of card payments and order tickets with your EPOS mean your service will be seamless and faster than ever.

Software integrations

EPOS systems offer a large number of integrations with the biggest software companies in accounting, e-commerce, delivery, staff management, and more. Data is transferred instantly between the software, making it easier for you to manage your business operations.


EPOS systems are completely customisable and you can choose what hardware, software features, and integrations you need. For example, if you stock and sell products with barcodes, you can add on an integrated barcode scanner.

Why Gardiff EPOS?

Our EPOS systems are fully customisable, with the ability to choose what hardware and software features & integrations you need to support your operation. Whether you’re a small business or a multi-site operation, a fully connected system means running your business is streamlined and simplified. You and your staff will have more time to focus on giving a great customer experience. You’ll be able to access your reports, insights and make menu changes on any device, even when you’re not onsite.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, offering 365 support from 8am to midnight. When you choose our system we take care of the menu and software set up. We can also schedule in an installation time that’s convenient to you, getting you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our rental packages include clear and transparent pricing, with no fixed contracts or renewal fees. These packages start at £20 a week and include full technical support, service calls and on-site maintenance that’s needed.

Interested to learn more about switching to Gardiff? Get in touch for a free demo.