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At Gardiff EPOS, we are dedicated to providing innovative EPOS solutions that enhance efficiency and elevate guest experiences in the hospitality industry. We are excited to present a recent case study featuring our valued client, Graysons Restaurants, and their installation of 14 Epos Systems with integrated card payment terminals and digital display signage across the catering facilities at the historic and enchanting Leeds Castle, Maidstone.

The Brief

Graysons Restaurants is a renowned name in the catering industry, known for delivering exceptional dining experiences across various prestigious venues. Their partnership with Leeds Castle, a captivating and historic landmark, brings together an unparalleled culinary journey amid stunning surroundings.

Leeds Castle witnesses a substantial footfall, particularly during peak periods and special events in addition to offering bespoke guest experiences. Graysons Restaurants sought to enhance operational efficiency and elevate guest satisfaction through streamlined payment processing and improved menu visibility.

The Solution

Gardiff EPOS tailored a comprehensive solution to meet Graysons Restaurants’ unique requirements, resulting in the installation of 14 state-of-the-art Epos Systems equipped with RFID Staff login, customer displays, and integrated card payment terminals all managed via a centralised cloud back office.

The integrated payment feature significantly improved transaction processing times, allowing for quick and seamless payments. This helps reduce queuing times during busy periods, making guest experiences smoother and more enjoyable. The solution has been enhanced further by installing 5G routers to aid network redundancy and ensure payments can always be processed

Restaurant Epos

For guests dining in the restaurant, they can now have their orders taken directly on the Android card payment devices which send the information directly to the kitchen or bar printers for preparation and helps to aid productivity. By enabling order and pay directly at the tables in the restaurant, guests experience the convenience of quick and hassle-free checkouts, eliminating the need to wait.

Digital display screens have been installed in strategic locations, such as kiosks and cafes, showcasing an extensive menu offering and promotional items. This enhances guest engagement, enabling them to make informed choices and explore tempting offerings whilst promoting brand awareness. The digital menus can be programmed to display content at pre-allocated dates and times and all managed via a centralised cloud back office portal to create, manage and update new content.

Digital Display Signage

Results and Benefits from the EPOS System

At Leeds Castle, Graysons has excelled in providing an unparalleled culinary journey, complemented by our state-of-the-art EPOS solution. The renowned catering facilities at the castle, coupled with the efficient EPOS system, will help to cater to the needs of visitors all year round in addition to diverse events, ranging from lavish banquets to bespoke private dining.

Graysons’ commitment to excellence combined with our reliable EPOS solution has resulted in flawless order management, ensuring each guest’s preferences are met with utmost precision. The integration of digital display screens around kiosks and cafes has allowed Graysons to showcase its extensive menu offerings and promotional items, captivating guests and driving sales. Together, Gardiff Epos and Graysons continue to elevate hospitality experiences at Leeds Castle, setting new standards of service and efficiency in the realm of culinary indulgence.

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