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Managing a multi location restaurant, cafe or pub chain can be difficult and we know there’s a lot to keep track of. From product management, to reporting and analytics, it can be hard to manage every location. 

Choosing the right EPOS system can help with this this, providing a central location to manage and report on your menus and data. Here are the top 10 features we recommend looking for when choosing which EPOS solution to adopt. 

1. Location breakdown

Your EPOS platform should let you oversee all of your locations in one place, so you can monitor business performance as either an overview or breakdown into specific locations. Your EPOS should make this easy and simple for you and any stakeholders. 

2. Real-time analytics and reporting

You should be able to view detailed analytics and reports, including real-time sales, to help you plan ahead for your business. View sales and location performance and determine your best selling items.

3. Central menu control

It’s likely you’ll want to update your menu or pricing fairly often, due to new products or offers. The EPOS system should make this as efficient as possible with centralised menu control, so you can push product changes to multiple locations in just one click. 

4. User access levels

Your business probably has staff at various levels of management. Managing these roles across various business locations can be tricky. With the right EPOS system, you’ll be able to create different access levels and permissions for each employee and directly assign these. 

5. Software integrations

As your business grows, the amount of software you use to manage it will probably increase. From accounting programs to staff management to third party online ordering, they can take a lot of time to manage. Choose EPOS software that allows for the software integrations you need, so data can be directly sent to and from each program. Send sales data directly to Sage or Quickbooks and your Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats orders to your till. 

6. Access your data from anywhere

You’ll probably be on the go a lot as you move between your different sites. Therefore, you will want the ability to be able to monitor your business wherever you are. With the right EPOS system, you’ll be able to manage and view your data from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. So, if you’re on-site, on a train, or in the office you’ll be able to access your back office

7. Inventory management

Your EPOS system should give you accurate inventory reports, including low stock alerts and tracking for ingredients.

8. Staff Management

Every new location you open will come with new employees, so your EPOS software should give you the tools you need to effectively manage them. Capture start and end times, view audit trails, and keep track of performance.

9. Easy to Use

The system should be easy to use and intuitive for your front of house staff, so they can effectively meet their customers’ needs and create a great experience for everyone who walks through the door. 

10. Loyalty and Online Ordering

Create loyal customers to your brand by starting your own loyalty system, which can be used across all your business locations. If you integrate this with your online ordering then you’re on to a winner. 

 Gain complete transparency over your multi-site business with Gardiff’s secure EPOS system that provides remote management, a range of third party integrations and real-time data reporting. You’ll be able to manage your growing business and easily control operations across all your sites. Get in touch today for your personalised quote.