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Battersea Arts Centre is a hub for creativity, based in the old Battersea Town Hall. They host a wide variety of drama shows, discussions and dance events. The theatre is home to the Scratch Bar – a sun streaked cafe by day that transforms into a buzzing bar at night, serving locally brewed craft beers, wines and cocktails.

The Brief

Battersea Arts Centre were looking for a theatre EPOS system that would enable them to efficiently serve customers whilst maintaining control of the business. To do so, they needed the theatre POS system to smoothly process the customer journey and orders through the onsite experience, both for ticket purchases and at their bar.

The system needed to be able to print tickets that had been purchased, and so they also needed to be able to have seating plans on the system for their different performance spaces.

One key feature the theatre was looking for was an interval drinks system, that would allow visitors to order drinks, food and snacks from their phones for an optimised service that would save time for both guests and theatre staff.

They were also looking for a cloud back office, so they would be able to view key sales data and create reports on any internet connected device – PC, tablet or phone. The theatre wanted the back office to feature a stock management system so they could easily keep track of inventory.

The Gardiff Theatre EPOS Solution

The Gardiff EPOS system is a reliable, intuitive, and robust EPOS solution in use by thousands of businesses across the country. The software is packed with features that will allow you to do what matters most: provide excellent customer service and grow your business. Designed for single and multisite businesses, the system enables your business to stay profitable long-term.

The client was shown how easy our theatre EPOS system is to use to provide quality customer service, not only at the till but with our interval drinks feature. This allows the preordering of drinks, food and snacks for half time at shows and performances. The branded app links seamlessly with the EPOS system, so all orders placed are automatically sent to the bar or kitchen printer for a fast turnaround and high customer satisfaction.

We showed the theatre how a seating plan can be created and accessed on the theatre POS system for their various performance spaces, and how the system can be used for ticket purchase and automatic printing.

We also displayed the power of the online cloud back office, with tools that will provide in-depth reporting for the EPOS system. This allows Battersea Arts Centre to manage their various performance spaces and bar from one centralised back of house platform, including customer, staff and stock reporting.

The Delivery

Working with the team at Battersea Arts Centre, Gardiff provided initial project management, network implementation, EPOS equipment installation and on-site staff training.

We delivered our EPOS equipment (EPOS software, countertop terminals, printers, and cash drawers) and networked these, connecting them to Wi-fi. Our engineers are qualified to both install the equipment and train staff, providing flexibility for last minute menu changes, system configurations, and addressing final questions from stakeholders.

Our in-house support staff enabled the cloud back office and arranged access for the theatre’s management team.

The Customer Benefits from the Gardiff Theatre EPOS Solution

Battersea Art Centre’s decision to use a Gardiff theatre EPOS system has proven to be a success, leading to optimised customer service and maximised revenue. The interval drinks feature maximises sales through its simple and reliable ordering process, saving the theatre staff time as orders get sent straight to their bar.

Thanks to the cloud back office reporting, the management team are able to see valuable sales data across their sites. This allows them to respond to specific needs as they arise in the business as well as having the ability to tailor rewards and promotions.

Customer feedback and reviews have been extremely positive, especially for the staff customer service.

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