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At Gardiff EPOS, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative EPOS solutions tailored to enhance efficiency and elevate guest experiences in diverse hospitality settings. Our recent collaboration with Graysons Restaurants at the prestigious Bristol Beacon concert hall is a testament to this commitment.

The Brief

Graysons Restaurants, renowned for their exceptional dining experiences, sought to enhance operational efficiency and guest satisfaction at Bristol Beacon, a prominent cultural venue. With high footfall during events, they needed a solution to streamline order processing, reduce queue times and facilitate integrated pre-show and interval drinks ordering.

About Bristol Beacon

Bristol Beacon stands as a beacon of cultural and musical excellence. Located in the heart of Bristol, this historic concert hall has been a cornerstone of the city’s cultural life for over a century. It hosts a wide range of events, including concerts, theatrical performances, and community events, attracting a diverse audience. The venue’s rich heritage, combined with modern facilities, offers guests an unparalleled experience, blending tradition with contemporary entertainment.

Bristol Beacon Auditorium

The Solution

Gardiff EPOS implemented a comprehensive and customisable EPOS system designed to work seamlessly across an array of restaurants, cafes, and bars at the venue which are available to eat and drink seven days a week.

Key components of the solution were:

  • Mobile Order and Pay Devices: Multiple mobile order and pay devices were installed to allow staff to take orders and payments directly from guests, at the bar, at the table and for pop-up areas ensuring fast service, increased revenue and shorter queues.
  • Customisable Interfaces: The Epos system was tailored to meet the specific needs of each food and beverage area, ensuring optimal functionality, ease of use and flexibility to adapt the system to various menu configurations.
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics: Detailed insights into product sales, staff efficiency, and customer engagement through the system providing data-driven decisions and effective management tools.
  • Staff Training and Support: Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive support services ensure that staff can quickly adapt to the system, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.
  • Integration with CrowdEngage: Integrating the Epos system with CrowdEngage enabled seamless ticketing, pre-show and interval drinks ordering, and provides CRM and loyalty benefits to patrons.

Bristol Beacon Colonade Restaurant


Advantages of Using CrowdEngage

The integration with CrowdEngage has streamlined operations, making ticketing and pre-show orders more efficient.

Integrating CrowdEngage into the EPOS system brought numerous benefits:

  • Seamless Ticketing: Guests can easily purchase tickets and share among friends and family and capture new customer data from non-booking audience members. Send scannable QR codes directly to customers’ mobile phones which are three times quicker to scan than standard thermal tickets.
  • Enhanced CRM & Loyalty Benefits: The system captures valuable customer data, enabling personalised marketing and improved customer engagement. Implementing engagement tracking means you can see exactly which customers interact with your messages and which links they follow.
  • Completely Customisable: Easily create events, manage scheduling and booking capacities within the administrator portal and update unique pre-ordering menus for the relevant areas of your venue,
  • Pre-Show and Interval Ordering: Guests can conveniently order drinks for pre-show or intervals, which are sent to the Epos system for preparation ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience without missing any performance.

Bristol Beacon Simmons Bar

Results and Benefits from the EPOS System

The EPOS installation at Bristol Beacon has significantly improved transaction processing times and reduced queue lengths, enhancing the overall guest experience. Graysons can now manage orders with precision, ensuring guest preferences are met promptly, while the loyalty features help in retaining and engaging customers. Staff efficiency has been boosted as orders are managed more accurately and quickly, reducing wait times and improving service delivery. This has also led to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business


This collaboration between Gardiff EPOS, CrowdEngage and Graysons at Bristol Beacon sets a new standard for service and efficiency in the hospitality industry, showcasing our ability to provide bespoke EPOS solutions that cater to unique client needs.

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