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Nestled in the vibrant area of Wimbledon, London, the historic Wimbledon Rugby Club plays a vital role in the UK’s rugby landscape, offering extensive facilities and activities for its members and guests. The club was a founding member of the Rugby Football UnionĀ and were at that time known as the Wimbledon Hornets.

The Brief

To elevate the overall experience for its patrons and enhance operational efficiency, the club aimed to replace its outdated point-of-sale system with an advanced Epos system. The club’s goals included streamlining operations, integrating a membership scheme with attractive benefits, implementing a modern event ticketing solution, and incorporating a comprehensive payment system.

Wimbledon RFC Events

The Solution

Gardiff EPOS was chosen to develop a bespoke EPOS solution that catered to the dynamic requirements of the club. The installation featured several crucial enhancements:

Membership Scheme Integration

We introduced an advanced membership management module within the Epos system, facilitating efficient tracking and administration of member benefits, including discounts and exclusive promotions.

Event Ticketing Solution

A new ticketing system was integrated to simplify the selling and management of tickets for club events, fully connected with the EPOS to ensure a smooth transaction process from ticket purchase to event entry.

Integrated Payment Solutions

A comprehensive payment system was implemented, supporting multiple payment methods to boost transaction security and speed, thereby reducing queues and enhancing service.

Centralised Management

The system includes a cloud-based back office, which allows club administrators to access real-time data, update event listings, manage memberships, and review financial reports from anywhere, ensuring effective and consistent management of club operations.

Online Account Top-Up for Members

An additional feature was added to allow members to top up their accounts online, enhancing convenience by enabling them to manage their spending and benefits remotely, without needing to queue at the club.



The Implementation

The installation of the Epos system was carefully scheduled and executed during non-peak hours to minimise disruption to club activities, ensuring a smooth transition. Our team provided on-site support as the system went live, addressing any issues immediately and ensuring that staff were thoroughly trained and comfortable with the new technology.


Wimbledon RFC pitches

Results and Benefits from the EPOS System

With the new EPOS system in place, Wimbledon Rugby Club has noted marked improvements in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The club now benefits from:

More streamlined administrative tasks, allowing staff to focus more on customer service and other essential duties.

Improved member engagement through effectively managed promotions and benefits via the Epos system.

Increased attendance at events, facilitated by the user-friendly and efficient ticketing solution.

Quicker transaction times and heightened security with the integrated payment system.

Enhanced member convenience with the ability to manage accounts and top-up online, further enriching the membership experience.


The deployment of Gardiff’s custom Epos solution at Wimbledon Rugby Club exemplifies our commitment to harnessing technology to enhance guest experiences and streamline club operations. As Wimbledon Rugby Club continues to thrive and serve its community, Gardiff is honoured to be its technology partner, dedicated to supporting their success with innovative solutions and comprehensive support.

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