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Horsham Rugby Club is the town’s premier rugby club, featuring a clubhouse, bar, and patio area. It is at the heart of the local community with many non rugby players using its facilities. The clubhouse and grounds are both available for hire, hosting many parties and events throughout the year.

The Brief

Horsham Rugby Club needed a sports club EPOS system that would enable them to efficiently serve customers whilst maintaining control of the business. To do so, they needed the EPOS system to smoothly process the customer journey and orders through the onsite experience.

As a sports club, a customer membership scheme and loyalty programme was an essential feature. They also needed an effective solution for staff to provide table service whilst ensuring orders were sent directly to the kitchen, so handheld tablets were needed.

An online ordering platform was also a requirement, so customers would be able to order at the table themselves. They also wanted the platform to be used for merchandise sales for their club kit shop. Additionally, the rugby club needed a payment solution with integrated card machines, to allow customers to easily pay at the table.

The EPOS system needed to keep on top of stock, update menus for onsite and online orders and have the ability to add offers.

The Gardiff Sports Club EPOS Solution

The Gardiff EPOS system is a powerful, user-friendly solution used by thousands of businesses in the UK. The software is packed with features that allow you to focus on what matters most: delivering great customer service and growing your business. Handling single and multi site businesses, it is a system to empower your long term profitability.

We showed the client how easy our sport’s club software is to use to provide quality customer service, including integrated tableside ordering tablets and an online ordering solution. Ensuring accuracy and speed were key decision factors in designing the EPOS system. We highlighted the automation of processing orders as they get sent straight to the bar without staff intervention.

The online ordering solution was also suitable to host their online web shop, where they sell club kits and merchandise. Customers are able to purchase items from the web shop before collecting them from the rugby club.

Integrated into the EPOS solution is a customer loyalty scheme, enabling the rugby club to gain insights into spending habits over time and reward people for returning. This also allows the ability to create custom price levels for members and non-members.

We showed the rugby club how the sports EPOS system allows for an end-to-end view of the operation, so they can easily manage stock and report on profits, giving peace of mind that management tasks are covered.

The Delivery

Working with the team at Horsham Rugby Club, Gardiff provided initial project management, network implementation, EPOS equipment installation and on-site staff training.

We delivered our EPOS equipment (EPOS software, countertop terminals, handheld tablets, cash drawers and card machines) and networked these, connecting them to Wi-fi. Our engineers install, train, and troubleshoot, adjusting menus for last-minute changes, configuring systems, and addressing final questions from stakeholders.

The Customer Benefits from the Gardiff Sports Club EPOS Solution

Horsham Rugby Club’s decision to use a Gardiff EPOS system has proven to be a success, leading to optimised customer service and maximised revenue. Using integrated tablet ordering, this business has the benefit of being able to process orders straight from the table to the kitchen. It is an effective way to turn tables faster, reduce order errors and increase the average spend per guest.

The front of house staff find the system easy to use, and the sports club EPOS technology has revolutionised the service the sports club are able to offer to their customers. The management team are able to see valuable sales data across their sites, allowing them to respond to specific needs as they arise in the business as well as having the ability to tailor rewards and promotions.

Customer feedback and reviews have been extremely positive, especially for the staff customer service.

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