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Gardiff touch screen self service kiosks are fully integrated with our EPOS systems, with centralised product, pricing and stock management. They aim to improve staff productivity, customer flow and waiting times, complete with operational reporting, and real time sales analytics on-site and on the cloud.

Churchill’s Fish and Chips is owned by The Chesterford Group, and is the winner of the Best Chain of Fish and Chip Shops in the UK at the National Fish and Chip Awards. We have a long standing relationship with them as their EPOS supplier, so were their first point of contact when they were looking to open a new store in Eastbourne.

The Brief

Churchill’s were keen to install a kiosk in their new store opening in Eastbourne, as they wanted to give customers the opportunity to be served in a way that is convenient to them. The customer would be able to choose to be served over the counter, or opt for the more modern experience of the automated fast food kiosk. Research suggests that average spend increases when customers ordered through a self service kiosk, and Churchill’s had already seen this happen when customers used their online ordering app.

They needed the self ordering kiosk to integrate with their EPOS tills, as well as customer collection screens. They also needed to make sure their kitchen and wrapping team were receiving the relevant order information at the right times.

Managing a takeaway over the last couple of years has got more complicated, with more orders now being taken digitally. In the new Eastbourne store, we had to consider how customers could order at the counter, on the kiosk and also at an app whilst keeping the system simple and easy to manage.

The Gardiff Self Service Kiosk Solution

It was important to Churchill’s that the Eastbourne store had the latest technology offering, but at the same time they needed to keep their operations simple. With our EPOS solution, it’s easy to manage all components of your system in one place using the back office. You can update all menu products and pricing from a central location, and roll this out with the click of a button.

We installed the branded self service kiosk in the store, along with touch screen tills, customer collection screens and kitchen order system. This ensures the ordering process is as streamlined as possible for both customers and staff: a customer can place the order and pay at the kiosk, with the order sent directly through to the kitchen and wrapping team. Once the order is ready to collect, the team can easily update the customer display.

This enabled fast automated order and payment processes, with substantially reduced queuing times.

The Feedback

“Gardiff are exceptional, they took all the stress and pressure away from us by embracing the challenges and going above and boyonned in getting into every detail of what we needed and what we where trying to achieve, to create a scope and plan that could be executed on time and more importantly, on point with exactly what we wanted.”

The Customer Benefits from the Gardiff Self Service Kiosk Solution

The self service kiosk has been a great success in Eastbourne. 15% of their our weekly transactions are taken through the kiosk, and the average spend on the kiosk is 29% higher than when customers in the same store order over the counter. They will see 100% return on investment in less than a year, and due to the success of the kiosk have installed another 10 across their other stores.

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