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The home of British Motor Racing, Silverstone circuit hosts the British Grand Prix every Summer. Over 300,000 spectators visit the circuit, which boasts a variety of entertainment, hospitality and retail areas across the weekend.

The Brief

Silverstone needed a retail EPOS solution they could use for their merchandise sales on-site, to enable them to efficiently serve customers whilst maintaining control of the business. To do so, they needed the EPOS system to seamlessly manage the customer journey and purchases through the onsite experience.

An essential for this was a centralised product and reporting file, that could be used across all areas of the site. This would ensure prices and any product changes could easily be updated from one central location, and sales reports could be pulled that covered the entire site.

They also required a payment solution to work in tandem with their EPOS system, to include fully integrated card payment terminals. Additionally, the system required integration with Shopify, so reports could be merged with their online sales. Barcode scanning was another feature that was a necessity so the merch could easily be scanned in and added to the purchase.

The Gardiff Retail EPOS Solution

The Gardiff retail EPOS system is a fast, easy to use and powerful EPOS solution that is used by thousands of businesses throughout the UK. It’s designed to enable you to do what’s important: provide great service to your customers and grow your business. Whether you have one or many sites, this system helps you to maximize your long term success.

We showed the client how easy the retail EPOS system is to use to provide high quality customer service, including integrated barcode scanners and a centralised product and reporting file. This ensures any changes to products or prices can be made from a central place and then implemented across the Silverstone site in one click.

We also demonstrated our integrated payment terminals, and how these can be used to have a positive impact on the running and profitability of the business. These help ensure mistakes are kept to an absolute minimum by linking to the till, meaning orders can be processed faster and staff can be more efficient.

Since they sell the merchandise online as well as on-site, we showed Silverstone how we could integrate the EPOS system with Shopify so they could view all of their data in one place. We also added the ability to create different screen layouts that could be customised for each event.

The Delivery

Working with the team at Silverstone, Gardiff carried out initial project management, network implementation, EPOS equipment installation and on-site staff training.

We delivered our EPOS equipment (EPOS software, countertop terminals, cash drawers, barcode scanners, payment terminals) and networked these, connecting them to Wi-fi. Our engineers are qualified to both install the equipment and train staff, providing flexibility for last minute system configurations, and answering final questions from stakeholders.

The Customer Benefits from the Gardiff Retail EPOS Solution

Silverstone’s decision to use a Gardiff retail EPOS system has proven to be a success, leading to enhanced customer service and maximised revenue. The management team are able to see valuable sales data across the site, allowing them to respond to specific needs as they arise.

We’ve had great feedback from the Silverstone team: “With one of the biggest events in the UK, good support through the Formula 1 Grand Prix is invaluable. Gardiff support has always been both highly professional and friendly at all times. I am very grateful they are part of the wider Silverstone team.”

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