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Revolutionising Dining with Advanced Restaurant EPOS at The Glasshouse, Salford
In the bustling heart of Salford, The Glasshouse Restaurant at Salford City College stands out as a culinary gem, skillfully blending professional chef expertise with the emerging talent of catering students. This Salford-based culinary landmark is not just a training ground for future chefs and hospitality experts; it’s a top destination for food lovers seeking a unique dining experience. The Glasshouse’s commitment to culinary distinction is evident in its contemporary, high-quality, local ingredient-based menu, offering a sensory delight in every dish.

The Brief
Aiming to stay ahead in the fast-evolving hospitality sector, The Glasshouse Restaurant recognised the need for an EPOS system upgrade. Their vision was clear: a modernised, efficient EPOS system to streamline operations and elevate customer service. The goal was to evolve their existing system into a user-friendly, feature-rich platform, enhancing order management, billing accuracy, and service speed, with custom features suited to their unique dining style.


Glasshouse Restaurant Worlsey College Epos system


The Solution

EPOS System Enhancement for Enhanced Culinary Experience
Working with our expert, Alex, The Glasshouse’s EPOS system underwent significant upgrades:

  • Streamlined Ordering: We reorganised the food and drink menus for quicker selections, integrating mixers with spirits.
  • Improved Communication: Implementing messaging between the bar and kitchen on the EPOS system minimised errors.
  • Redesigned Receipts: Receipts now feature the restaurant’s logo, with a clear separation of food and drink totals for easier bill splitting.
  • Automated Kitchen Tickets: We overcame technical hurdles for smoother kitchen operations by transitioning to automated tickets.
  • Allergy Awareness: A new allergy alert feature was added for increased customer safety, covering major allergens with the option to add more.



Glasshouse Restaurant Cuisine


Customised EPOS Tabs for Efficient Service
The EPOS system was customised with unique tabs like “Thursday Lunch,” “Friday Lunch,” and “Dinner,” and organised alcohol categories, improving service accuracy and speed.


Glasshouse Restaurant worlsey college cuisine


Results and Benefits from the EPOS System

Overhauling The Glasshouse Restaurant’s EPOS system showcases our commitment to bespoke solutions and superior customer service. This upgrade has greatly improved their operational efficiency, customer experience, and overall functionality of the EPOS system.

We’re honoured to support The Glasshouse Restaurant at Worsley College in their EPOS system endeavours. Our continued partnership highlights our commitment to enhancing their operational efficiency and customer service, contributing to The Glasshouse’s ongoing success in offering exceptional dining experiences.


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