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Gardiff have been working with Belle Pubs & Restaurants since 2018, providing them with a complete EPOS system across their 4 sites. Known for their unique, beautiful venues across London, Belle have a focus on sports and events, and are popular for their mouthwatering pub grub menu.

The Brief

Belle Pubs and Restaurants were looking for a pub EPOS system that could be used across their sites and keep up with their busy atmosphere. The software needed to be easy to set up and intuitive to use for their staff.

With 4 sites, the system needed to feature detailed reporting including real time sales data, trackable KPIs, sales and stock tracking to enable the management team to make strategic decisions.

The Gardiff Pub EPOS Solution

We installed EPOS touch screen terminals across their sites. These are designed to withstand the wear and tear of a busy pub environment, with spill-proof screens and long lasting hardware. Each site also received an integrated card payment terminal.

Our team provided initial project management, network implementation, EPOS equipment installation and on-site staff training.

The EPOS system was set up to include a centralised cloud back office, allowing the Belle Pubs team to manage their venues in one central location. This allows the team to access all sales, KPI and stock data from any internet connected device, as well as having the power to update their menus and pricing.

Handheld ordering software was also implemented. This allows their staff to take orders at the table, with the order information getting sent directly to the kitchen or bar printer.

The Customer Benefits from the Gardiff Pub EPOS System

Our relationship with Belle Pubs & Restaurants has been a great success as we continue to support them with their EPOS needs. Their Gardiff system allows them to run an optimized pub group, meeting the needs of both their management team and on site staff.

Our touch screen till terminals are perfect for use in their busy London pubs, withstanding daily use and everyday wear and tear. All hardware is top of the range, while the software can be customised to the needs of each venue.

Using integrated tablet ordering, this business has the benefit of being able to process orders straight from the table to the kitchen. It is an effective way to turn tables faster, reduce order errors and increase the average spend per guest.

The cloud back office allows for centrally managed pricing, as well as access to both real-time and historical reports. High quality data from these can be used to inform Belle Pub’s ongoing sales strategy to grow the business.

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