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With changing consumer preferences, there’s now a huge demand for high-quality, low-cost food. Food trucks are perfect for this, and they let business owners enter the food industry at a lower cost than traditional restaurants. .

If you’ve dreamed of starting a food truck, here’s the essential tech you need to get started.

Point of sale – EPOS system

When choosing an EPOS system for your food truck, you’ll want something that’s easy to set up and use during a rush. As wi-fi might be a bit tricky depending on where your food truck is based, look for a system that can work with no internet connection to avoid disruption.

Gardiff EPOS is designed to be as hassle free as possible. We completely take care of your system set up and installation, and will train your team on all the essential features. It’s easy to customise your menu with new items or pricing, link to payment processing and automatically manage your stock.

Plus, our system can work on a cellular connection, so you don’t have to worry about finding wifi on site. You’ll be able to take payments, print receipts and view reports, no problem.

EPOS system analytics

When your day is wrapped up (or you get a free minute), you can review your sales, get real-time data, and gain all the insights you need for future business planning. Managing staff, updating menu items, and viewing sales reports is a breeze. The real-time cloud reporting can be viewed on any device via our back office software, and you can export your reports in multiple formats.

Payment processing

Ensure your customers can pay however they want so you never miss a sale. Besides cash, you need a payment system that accepts credit cards and mobile payments.

Choose a payment processor that’s easy to set up with clear pricing. Pay attention to how quickly deposits are made to your account; faster deposits mean healthier cash flow. Check for any sneaky hidden fees or contract terms that might make it harder to cancel if you need to. Make sure your card terminal can use Wi-Fi or a cellular network so you always take payment and never have to turn customer’s away.

Inventory management

Running out of an ingredient mid-shift is not ideal – that’s why knowing how much food you have, what to bring, and when to order more is crucial. Inventory management helps keep your food truck running smoothly.

Gardiff EPOS comes with built-in inventory management tools, so you can measure stock based on what’s sold, what’s left, and what’s been wasted. It’s easy to view historical trends to make sure you have the perfect amount of ingredients.

Customer displays

You’ll want to keep your line moving as fast as possible, so you need to make paying as easy as possible for your customers. A customer facing display makes it easy for people to confirm you’ve got their order correct.

These can sit on the back of your till and link with your EPOS system, helping to avoid confusion and mistakes. Customers will be reassured they’ll get exactly what they ordered and know how much it costs.

Tips for buying food truck tech

Use a fully integrated, easy-to-use EPOS system

Find an EPOS system that is simple, fast, and easy for your team to use. If it’s too complex, it won’t be used to its full potential. Look for features like integrated accounting, easy customisation, wi-fi free mode and inventory management.

Don’t skimp on quality

New technology isn’t cheap, but it’s an investment, especially for mobile food trucks where tech is essential. Invest in dependable, durable equipment. High quality doesn’t have to be expensive; used products can save money while providing the technology you need. At Gardiff, we give you the option to buy a new system upfront, or rent one from us on a rolling contract.

Make sure your team is trained

Ensure your team gets the necessary training to use your new tech effectively. Take advantage of any training your tech providers offer, and make sure new team members are clued up.

If you’re starting a food truck, it can be tricky to know what tech you need. Gardiff EPOS has everything to efficiently run and grow your business, whether you want to stick to the one truck, or expand to a whole fleet. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.