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According to UK Finance, in 2020 17 million people were registered for mobile payments, and the use of these has surged over the past few years. Your business should be capitalising on this, and the easiest way is through an mobile order and pay app. They work in restaurants, pubs or cafes that offer table service and can help you to serve customers more efficiently and streamline staff processes.

What is an order and pay app, how do they work, and should your business introduce one? We’ll explain how it works and how you can implement order and pay technology into your business.

What is a mobile order and pay app?

An order and pay app, like ours, gives your customers the choice to view your menu, place an order and pay for it from their phones. Most venues print a QR code for each table which will link to the menu. This works for any restaurant, pub, bar, or cafe offering table service.

The software seamlessly integrates with your EPOS system, so any orders placed on the app will automatically be printed on your kitchen printer or shown on your kitchen display system.

An order and pay app gets rid of the need for staff to walk to and from tables to take orders. They also reduce errors, as the customers are placing the order themselves.

What are the main features of order and pay apps?

  • Menu Ordering – Your guests can view your full menu and place orders. They can add bundles or modifiers, and easily see what’s out of stock.
  • Allergen Information – Keep your customers informed by adding allergen and dietary information.
  • Include Images – Upload product images to draw customers in or make them focus on best sellers.
  • Discount Codes – Create exclusive app only discount codes that can be redeemed at checkout.
  • Payment Options – Offer a range of payment options such as card payments, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
  • Sync Stock – The app is automatically updated when menu items go out of stock.

Benefits of order and pay apps

An order at table app makes the serving process a lot more streamlined for your staff. They’ll have more time to give great customer service without worrying about taking orders. They will also be able to serve more tables at once and only have to focus on delivering food and clearing plates.

Guests will be happier, as they won’t have to wait to place an order or for the bill. They can order as soon as they are ready, pay instantly, and order more if they want to. It’s also easier for guests to customise their orders, and view offers & deals.

On average, customers spend more when ordering on a device compared to traditional ordering. They’ll also be able to create an account to view and reorder past orders for faster checkout

It’s easy to update your menu or pricing in your back office, with changes reflected on the app instantly. You can also link with a custom loyalty scheme so customers can pay with points earned, or create custom offers.

How does the table ordering app work?

Order and pay apps are easy for your guests to use.

  1. Your customers sit down at their table and scan the QR code that links to your app or website menu.
  2. The customers add their chosen items to the cart, checkout, and pay.
  3. The order gets sent to your kitchen, just as it would if it was processed through your till.
  4. Customers can create an account in the app, to speed up future checkouts.
  5. The only thing your wait staff has to do is bring customers their food and drinks once they are ready.

Using the order and pay app to improve sales

Once you have the mobile ordering solution in place, locking in customer loyalty and collecting marketing information has never been easier.

The easy to use app makes it simple for guests to order additional drinks, sides, or desserts without having to wait.

Collect valuable guest marketing data with every sale as customers can create an account in the app, encouraging loyalty and capturing their information. Customers can view their order history and quickly reorder their favourite dishes. Create your own loyalty scheme including discounts, exclusive offers, and points to reward your guests and bring them back.

Gardiff EPOS table ordering system

Our table ordering solution allows you to create a customised app or website, letting your customers order and pay from their table. Payments flow through the system and sales are automatically recorded in your Gardiff EPOS system. Your staff will have more time to focus on the customer experience, and with 0% commission, all profits will go to you.

Mobile order and pay apps are changing the way the hospitality industry works, and can help your business stay one step ahead. Customers have greater control, your staff can manage more tables, orders are accurate and tables are turned faster.  Get in touch to find out how it could work for your business.