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The world is moving in a technology driven direction, and many hospitality businesses can benefit from upgrading to tabelside ordering or tablet ordering. It’s a great solution to speed up your table service, improve the overall experience for guests and make placing orders easier for your staff.

What is tablet ordering?

Typically, your wait staff have to go to tables, write down orders in a notepad and then return to a till on the other side of the room to place the order. With an EPOS tablet, this isn’t necessary.

EPOS ordering tablets are essentially a portable version of your EPOS system, that you can use on the go to place orders without the need to keep returning to the till. In addition to placing orders, they can be used to view dietary and allergy information, access table plans, check stock levels, and create bills.

Tablet ordering gets rid of the need for pen and paper. Everything your wait staff would need will be in one place.

What are the benefits of a restaurant tablet ordering system?

Hospitality businesses are fast paced, so finding a solution that can help speed up dining times and table turnover should be a priority. Technology in the industry is constantly changing, and a restaurant tablet ordering system for restaurants, bars, and cafes is a great example of this.

Speed up service

The tablet will communicate directly with your POS system. Send orders straight to your kitchen or bar printers once the order is placed. Order fulfillment is sped up, resulting in happier customers. The faster the average dining time, the more customers you’ll be able to serve in a day. This will in turn increase your revenue.

Increase order accuracy

Placing an order on a tablet in real-time greatly reduces the number of mistakes made, especially if special requests or dietary requirements have to be considered. If the waiter has to return to a central till to input the order, they may not remember everything requested. This can negatively affect the customer experience, as well as wasting food.

Easier for wait staff

Wait staff will always be aware of any extra sides or deals they can recommend. This means they will have more clarity and confidence to actively upsell customers. They’ll also be able to serve more tables at once with no need to return to the counter till – producing additional revenue and increased table turnaround.

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