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In the hospitality business, keeping track of sales, and managing stock & inventory is crucial to ensure the smooth operation of your hotel. To do so, you need to invest in property management software (PMS) and electronic point-of-sale systems (EPOS). Both PMS and EPOS can streamline your operations, but they serve different purposes. In this article, we’ll explain the difference between PMS and EPOS as well as their benefits and usage scenarios. Keep reading to learn more!

Hotel PMS and POS meaning: What’s the difference?

If you’re in the hotel industry, you would have heard both of these terms before. Both of these systems are often used together, but you might not know the differences between them. If you’re looking to advance your hotel technology, it’s important to know how these work, how they’re different and how they can interact. Both are important for hotel management but modern systems can also go above and beyond in what they can offer.

What’s a POS or EPOS system?

A hotel EPOS or POS system is a combination of hardware and software where orders are processed and payment is taken. This can include a till screen, card reader, receipt printer, cash drawer and software.

The EPOS system works as orders are entered into the software, automatically notifying the kitchen or bar of the order and its details. The customer can pay using cash or card and receives a receipt.

What is Hotel Property Management Software (PMS)?

 PMS tools are designed to help hotel owners and managers with various aspects of running their hotels such as accounting, reservations, human resources, housekeeping, maintenance, food and beverage management.

Hotel property management software is a vital tool for the hospitality industry. It can be used in different ways depending on the needs of the business. For example:

  • Hoteliers can use it for managing bookings, checking inventory levels and avoiding overselling rooms
  • Managers can use it for cost control
  • HR departments can use it for payroll management
  • Finance teams can use it for revenue management

How can my hotel PMS and EPOS work together?

PMS and EPOS systems can work together by sharing data so guests can enjoy a seamless experience during their stay. This allows them to charge items to their room so they can pay at the end of their stay.

A PMS integration will also help your hotel team, as it allows for more accurate revenue posting. All revenue from your restaurant and bar can be sent to your hotel PMS so you can see all your food and beverage revenue in one place.

Why does my hotel need an EPOS system?

Having a point of sale is essential for any hospitality business, not just hotels. It’s where your sales are processed and payment is taken.

An EPOS allows you to digitally record all your transactions, so you can use the data to contribute to other areas of the business such as sales reporting, stock control and marketing.

In a hotel, sales can happen in multiple places. You’ve obviously got the front desk, but you’ll also probably have a bar, maybe a restaurant, and you might offer room service. An EPOS system will allow you to link the sales across the hotel to the reservation to run a tab, so everything can be paid for at the end of the stay.

Gardiff Hotel EPOS Features

Whether you are managing a 5-star hotel, pub inn, or boutique B&B, our system has the features you need to make your guests’ stay as enjoyable as possible.

  • Built-in reservation diary which can monitor your bookings
  • Run timed offers and promotions across a range of your products at set times automatically
  • Visual and customisable table plans with split billing functionality
  • See on-screen what stock you have of certain products and restrict their sale when you run out
  • Add and remove products and make price adjustments using your till or on any device.
  • Keep your hotel restaurant in sync with digital kitchen screens to display order information
  • Find trends and useful data with cloud reporting
  • Create new revenue streams with online ordering
  • Integrate with select hotel PMS systems for a fully optimised experience

If you’re looking to add an EPOS system or PMS integration into your hotel, inn or B&B, we can help. Get in touch or view our hotel PMS integrations here.