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If you’ve got (or are considering getting) a mobile app for your takeaway, you’ll be wanting as many customers to download it as possible. There are a few ways you promote it to maximise your profits, so let’s dive into the best ways to get more customers downloading your takeaway app.

Put a leaflet promoting your app into every order

Promoting your mobile app in every customer interaction, including takeaway orders, is crucial for increasing app adoption and engagement. With each food order—whether placed on your website, through third-party platforms, or for takeaway—include a leaflet highlighting the benefits of your mobile app, such as hassle-free ordering and simple checkout. Add a QR code that directs customers to the app store for easy download.

You could also add the QR code to your packaging boxes, for a cost effective but impactful way to keep customers informed and encourage app downloads.

Put QR codes up in your takeaway

Promoting QR codes within your premises is a savvy strategy to promote app downloads among your customers. Print out the QR codes and strategically display them in prominent locations throughout your shop, such as by the tills, in the window and on your digital displays.

Advertise Your App on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your mobile app and driving downloads, especially among users who are highly likely to engage with your brand.

Put up regular posts promoting your app, explaining the benefits – this could be exclusive app only deals, quick and easy ordering, or loyalty discounts.

You can also add a call to action at the end of your food photo posts encouraging app downloads, with a link to the app store.

If you have some spare budget, you could consider running location based ads on Instagram and Facebook to target customers in your area.

Make it Easy to Find

To ensure your customers can easily find and download your app, you need to provide direct links to the relevant app stores, typically Google Play and the App Store. Since you may not know whether your customers use Android or iOS devices, you could create a landing page on your website with links to both stores.

You also need to make sure it is easy to find in the App Store for people searching for it directly – make sure the name is spelled correctly, and utilise the description.

Offer A Discount

To boost mobile app downloads, many successful takeaways offer incentives to their customers. This could be a discount on your first order, limited app only deals, or a loyalty scheme where customers can collect points with every order.

Once installed, the app will be a convenient platform for placing orders, encouraging customers to continue using it for future purchases.

Set up a loyalty programme

Launching a loyalty and rewards program for your takeaway can significantly enhance customer engagement and retention. With a dedicated mobile app, setting up and managing such a program becomes streamlined, allowing you to track customer points and interactions easily.

If you need an app or a new EPOS system for your takeaway or restaurant, we’re here to help. Our all-in-one EPOS system will help you manage and grow your business, giving you the tools you need to increase efficiency and boost orders. Get in touch for more information.