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In this case study, we delve into the successful partnership between Gardiff Epos and Silverstone Circuits, one of the UK’s most iconic and prestigious motorsport venues. Since 2016, Gardiff Epos has been at the forefront of supporting Silverstone throughout their events season by installing and maintaining cutting-edge Epos systems for various high-profile occasions, including the British Formula 1 Grand Prix, British Moto GP, and numerous private and seasonal events.

About Silverstone Circuits

Silverstone Circuits needs no introduction, being the host of some of the most adrenaline-pumping motorsport events in the world. With an illustrious history and a reputation for delivering unforgettable racing experiences, Silverstone draws motorsport enthusiasts and spectators from all corners of the globe. The British Grand Prix, the largest sporting event in the UK, attracted over 480,000 attendees in 2023, making it a monumental undertaking in terms of event management and logistics.

The Collaboration

Recognising the magnitude of Silverstone’s events and the importance of seamless operations, Gardiff Epos embarked on a collaboration in 2016 to support the circuit with both their day to day Epos requirements in addition to their busy events season. Gardiff’s team of expert technicians work closely with Silverstone’s management and IT team to understand their specific requirements and design bespoke Epos solutions that will cater to the vast scale and diverse needs of each event.

Throughout the years, Gardiff Epos has consistently delivered exceptional installation and support services, ensuring that Silverstone’s events run like a well-oiled machine. From setting up state-of-the-art Epos systems at multiple points of sale to providing on-site technical assistance during events, Gardiff’s dedicated team has proved to be invaluable in maintaining smooth and efficient transactions and enhancing the overall visitor experience.


Moto GP 2023 Epos

Benefits of Working with Gardiff Epos

Tailored Solutions: At Gardiff we understand that every event is unique, and  have adeptly tailored the Epos solutions to meet the specific needs of Silverstone’s diverse events. Whether it’s accommodating large crowds during the British Grand Prix or providing fast, secure payment processing for private gatherings, Gardiff Epos ensures that its solutions align perfectly with the requirements at hand.

Reliability and Efficiency: With Gardiff Epos by their side, Silverstone has experienced unparalleled reliability and efficiency in their operations. The intuitive and user-friendly Epos systems have significantly reduced transaction times, eliminating long queues and ensuring visitors spend more time enjoying the racing action and less time waiting.


Scalability: Silverstone hosts a wide range of events, from intimate private functions to massive international racing spectacles. Gardiff’s Epos solutions are inherently scalable, allowing them to adapt seamlessly to the size and scope of each event, providing consistent and flawless performance across the board.

Go-Live Support: Gardiff Epos’ commitment to exceptional customer service extends beyond the initial event setup days. Our team are available round-the-clock to provide onsite go-live cover and technical support to help resolve any issues promptly, ensuring Silverstone’s peace of mind during their busiest times.


Events Epos System Pit Garage


The partnership between Gardiff Epos and Silverstone Circuits stands as a shining example of successful collaboration and exemplary service delivery. Over the years, Gardiff Epos has consistently demonstrated its ability to install, maintain, and support Epos systems for multiple high-profile events throughout the year. With Silverstone hosting the British Formula 1 Grand Prix, British Moto GP, and a myriad of private and seasonal events, Gardiff’s expertise has proven invaluable in ensuring smooth and seamless operations for the iconic venue

If you’re in search of an events Epos system that can meet your unique requirements and deliver top-notch performance at every turn, Gardiff Epos is the trusted partner you can rely on

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