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Are you involved in the bakery business? Read on for the ultimate list of all your essential bakery equipment, from ovens, to dough prep, to high tech EPOS and kitchen management systems.

Whether you’re just starting out in the bakery world, or a pro looking to expand, having the right equipment is critical to your business. Getting the right kit will save you time and money, as well baked goods come out perfectly and your customers leave happy.

The equipment needed for a bakery business


When opening your bakery, a commercial convection or combination oven will be one of the biggest purchases you’ll make. Think about what you’ll be baking, and the quantities – do you need multiple, multi-tier ovens or something smaller and powerful?

As it’s the centre of your operation, make sure you opt for something high quality, easily repairable and sourced from a reputable supplier with an efficient service team.

Woman using the bakery oven to bake bread Ranges

If you’ll be making pies or donuts, you might need a range to sautee and boil fillings.

A gas range is a solid investment, whereas induction is a more sustainable and cost-effective option.

You’ll also need to think about your ventilation, to make sure it is powerful enough to keep hot air and odours out of the kitchen.

Fridges and freezers

You’ll probably want specialised refrigerators and freezers designed specifically for the bakery industry if you have the space. This is ideal for storing large batches of mixes and butter.

Proofing equipment

Proofing cabinets or proofing rooms are necessary for allowing dough to rise properly before baking. These controlled environments ensure consistent temperature and humidity levels, so you get uniform and perfectly risen baked goods.

Food prep

You’ll need to stock your kitchen with all the utensils, bowls, pans, and appliances that are necessary for your bakes. It’s a good idea to get more than you think you’ll need – you don’t want to be caught without something necessary!


Knives are one of the most important pieces of kit for a chef. Invest in high quality knives and learn how to keep them sharp.

Chopping boards

You’ll need different colours for different types of food prep – split between meat, fish, vegetables and chicken.

Pots and pans

You’ll need to get pots and pans that are specific to your bakes. Choose high quality pieces that will last a long time. You will probably need:

  • Sheet pans: for baking cookies, sheet cakes, and more.
  • Cake pans: essential for baking cakes in various shapes and sizes.
  • Muffin tins: perfect for baking muffins and cupcakes.
  • Loaf pans: for baking breads and loaf cakes.
  • Tart pans: great for making tarts and quiches.
  • Pie plates: essential for pie-making.
  • Donut pans: for baking delicious, homemade donuts.
  • Cooling racks: for cooling your bakes


A stand mixer is one of the main time savers you can buy. It’s a crucial investment, so make sure you choose one that suits your needs.

Bakery pastries and donuts on a rackStorage and shelving

You’ll probably have plenty of ingredients and items to store, so don’t forget to budget for storage containers and shelving. Keeping everything stored correctly will help to ensure it stays fresh.

Misc Utensils

Depending on what you bake, there’s a lot of more specific bakery utensils you might need:

  • Measuring cups and spoons: Essential tools for precise measurements.
  • Mixing bowls: Ideal for combining ingredients and making batters and doughs.
  • Rubber spatulas: Excellent for scraping bowls and folding ingredients.
  • Whisks: Perfect for blending ingredients and creating light, airy batters.
  • Flour sifters: Essential for sifting flour evenly.
  • Rolling pins: Used to roll out dough for various baked goods like pastries and pies.
  • Pastry bags and tips: Vital for decorating cakes and pastries with precision.
  • Bench scrapers: Handy for cutting dough and keeping work surfaces clean.
  • Pastry brushes: Used to glaze pastries, apply egg wash, and more.


You’ll need a few sinks, each with a dedicated use.

Firstly, you’ll need handwashing sinks for your employees. You’ll also need compartment sinks to wash and rinse ingredients, as well as another sink for disposal.

Cleaning equipment

It’s important to make sure your bakery stays clean and tidy, so there’s some cleaning equipment you’ll need to buy.

Utensil/pot washer

A washer designed with bakery use in mind that will fit all your trays and will clean your equipment and utensils efficiently, which will be a lot quicker than doing it by hand.

Cleaning supplies

Remember to consider basic supplies – sprays, disinfectant, sponges, mops and gloves will be useful.

Rubbish bins

You’ll probably want to place a few of these around your kitchen.

Seller in uniform standing in a store with bakery productsBakery EPOS and kitchen/back of house management system

Your bakery point of sale system will be the key piece of technology that keeps your business running. You’ll be able to set your menus, manage inventory, record wastage, review sales and create special offers all in one place. Basically, a bakery EPOS will keep everything running smoothly.

Our Gardiff EPOS system is a great choice. We offer short lead times and have some of the best customer support in the industry, with our team on the other end of the phone every day of the year. The system is fully customisable to your individual needs – add on customer display screens, digital menus and kitchen display systems that all stay in sync with each other. You’ll be able to focus less on your operations, and more giving great customer service.

If you want to learn more about our bakery EPOS, get in touch with our team for a personalised demo.

Here are some EPOS features and tech that are important for bakeries:

Online ordering app

Create your own online ordering app, offering delivery, click & collect and customer loyalty. Or, you can integrate your EPOS system with the major delivery apps so you’ll be able to see all orders placed from your core system.

Loyalty scheme

Set up your own loyalty programme to encourage repeat business. Give your customers points every time they purchase that they can redeem for a free bake!

Reporting and analytics

As a bakery owner, you’re going to want to be able to dive deep into how well your business is doing. By tracking which items are consistently wasted, you can adjust your production to better match customer demand, minimising wastage and ensuring popular items are always in stock. You’ll need to look at both historic and real-time reports, to help you identify your best selling bakes, busiest periods, and best performing staff.

Integrated Card Payments

For speedy customer service, integrated card terminals are a must. By linking your card terminals to your EPOS system, the correct payment figure will automatically appear, meaning no more misclicks and manual user errors. If you offer table service, wireless terminals are ideal for finalising the customer’s bill at their table and offering payment splits if needed.

Self Service Kiosks

A self service kiosk can help to cut down queues in your busy bakery, while also encouraging your customers to spend more. The kiosks can link to your EPOS system to offer centralised product management and analytics.

Customers will be happy with the reduced wait times and improved flow a kiosk can bring, and upselling prompts can be created to encourage higher spend. You’ll be able to take more orders with less staff on the tills, allowing them to focus on the baking and customer experience.

Kitchen Management Screen

Kitchen management screens can help bring order to chaotic kitchens, by organising your tickets and order fulfillment. All your orders will be displayed on the screen, seamlessly connecting your front of house, online orders and kitchen staff.
The screen can be mounted anywhere in your kitchen, so your staff get clear instructions on what needs preparing. Sort or peg orders, and set up custom prep times so everything goes out on time.

Digital Menus

If your bakery has regularly changing or seasonal products, a digital menu screen means your items and prices will always be up to date. Adjustments can easily be made made without having to order new signage or print off menus, and the display can be customised to match your branding. It’s also a great way to promote special items and offers, with the option to rotate between different screens on each display.

Photo of a Person Taking Out a Tray of Cinnamon Rolls How to source your bakery equipment

Baking is hard enough, so investing in the right equipment can really help take some of the stress out of running your bakery. It might help to visualise yourself making each of your products from scratch, and writing down all the equipment you’d use from start to finish. Here’s the main things you should consider when you’re deciding what will work best for your bakery:

Quality of equipment

Your bakery kitchen appliances will be one of your biggest investments – but remember it’s essential for your bakery operation! Choose a supplier that will provide you with the right equipment that is durable, that you won’t have to replace soon after the warranty runs out and most important the support is there when you need it. If budget is tight, try and get second-hand equipment from a better quality brand.


Before you buy anything, you need to make sure it fits into your bakery space. Measure what you have room for, as this will influence the size of the ovens, storage and equipment you’ll buy! – there are lots of providers that will design you production area and front of house – again make sure you choose the right one for you.

Kitchen arrangement

Planning your kitchen is crucial for bakery success. If your layout hasn’t been thought about, it’s going to lead to a lot of frustrated bakers.


When you’re making your bakery equipment budget, think about what equipment you’re going to use the most and what’s going to be the most important to produce high quality bakes. If your bakery is going to focus on pastries, you’ll probably have different priorities than if you were going to make donuts. Spend the most on your most important equipment.

Financing and leasing

If you can’t afford the upfront cost to kit out your bakery, you can consider leasing or financing your equipment. This can be a good option with less risk to start off with.

Equipment list for a bakery: summary

Starting a bakery business requires careful consideration and investment in the right equipment. From ovens to proofing cabinets to pastry tools, each piece of equipment will have a crucial role in the success of your bakery operation.

Getting the right kit from the start will help to save you time and money, so prioritise quality, space, and your kitchen layout when choosing what to buy. And don’t forget about the importance of a reliable bakery EPOS system to streamline your operations and enhance customer service!

With the right equipment and planning, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your bakery journey and delight customers with your bakes.