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Bristol City Council is the local authority of Bristol, responsible for providing services to over 459,000 people. They are responsible for managing various sites of museums, galleries, sports centres and venues, as well as parks and public spaces.

The Brief

Bristol City Council were looking for an EPOS system to work across their park cafes. They needed to efficiently serve customers whilst maintaining control of the business across their various locations. To do so, they needed the EPOS system to smoothly process the customer journey and orders through the onsite experience.

As the EPOS system would be working across so many different locations, it was important that the solution featured a centralised product and reporting file. This allows prices and item changes to be made from one place and updates sent to all sites at the click of a button.

The council also required a payment solution to work in tandem with their EPOS system, to include fully integrated card payment terminals. They also wanted customer facing displays, so they would be able to display promotional messages as well as sales information.

Security was a major factor for the council to consider as well as management of their staff, so they also requested a way for staff to be able to clock in and clock out easily in a secure way.

The Gardiff EPOS Solution

The Gardiff EPOS system is a fast and easy-to-use EPOS system used by thousands of UK businesses. With it, you can focus on what matters most: providing excellent customer service and growing your business. Designed for both single and multi-site businesses, it is a system to empower your long term profitability.

We showed the client how easy our EPOS system is to use to provide quality customer service. The system can be managed in the back office with a centralised product file so changes could be made to menus across all of their sites in one go. This also allows the council team to pull reports for all of their sites and view key sales data to be used for future business decisions.

We also demonstrated our integrated payment terminals, and showed how these can be used to improve business efficiency and profitability. The payment terminals help ensure mistakes are kept to an absolute minimum by linking to the till, meaning orders can be processed faster and staff can be more efficient.

Our customer displays can be used to display marketing messages to increase brand awareness, as well as to show sales information to improve customer confidence. These are added to the back of the till terminals.

To help the council manage their staff, we showed them how fingerprint readers could be used as a method for secure staff login, to allow them to clock in and clock out. This adds extra security as it ensures no one unauthorised will be able to gain access to the system.

Ashton Court Cafe EPOS SystemThe Delivery

Working with the team at Bristol City Council, Gardiff carried out initial project management, network implementation, EPOS equipment installation and on-site staff training.

We delivered our EPOS equipment (EPOS software, countertop terminals, cash drawers, payment terminals, customer displays, fingerprint scanners ) and networked these, connecting them to Wi-fi. Our engineers are qualified to both install the equipment and train staff, providing flexibility for last minute system configurations, and answering final questions from stakeholders.

Our in-house support staff enabled the back office and arranged access for Bristol City Council’s management team.

The Customer Benefits from the Gardiff EPOS Solution

Bristol Council’s decision to use a Gardiff EPOS system has proven to be a success, leading to optimised customer service and maximised revenue. The management team are able to see valuable sales data across the site, allowing them to respond to specific needs as they arise, and change prices and products with ease.

Their integrated payment terminals reduce the chance of errors by communicating directly with the EPOS systems, allowing orders to be processed quicker and enabling staff to work more efficiently.

The front of house staff find the system easy to use, and the EPOS technology has revolutionised the service the council are able to offer to their customers. Feedback and reviews have been extremely positive.

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