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Discovery Park, a prominent player in the East of England’s life sciences cluster, aspires to become a global leader in scientific innovation within the next five years. Positioned at the crossroads of London, Stevenage, and Cambridge, Discovery Park plays a vital role in advancing the UK healthcare sector. To support their mission and elevate the hospitality experience for their community, Discovery Park sought to update the Epos systems across its campuses.

The Brief

As Discovery Park aimed to establish itself as a world-leading science park, it recognised the significance of providing exceptional hospitality services to its stakeholders. The existing manual payment and order processing methods were cumbersome, leading to inefficient customer experiences and an increased administrative burden. The need for a seamless payment and accounting solution prompted Discovery Park to explore modern EPOS technologies.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Discovery Park partnered with Gardiff Epos to provide a cutting-edge EPOS solution. A comprehensive plan was developed to deploy EPOS systems across three campuses with integrated card payment capabilities and a centralised cloud back office system, providing real-time access to critical data. The integrated payment feature has significantly improved transaction processing times, allowing for quick and seamless payments to help reduce queuing times during busy periods, making guest experiences smoother and more enjoyable.

Discovery Park New Epos System

The solution has been enhanced further by the ability to create and manage customer accounts directly through the system. This feature has proved invaluable in establishing a personalised and efficient service. customers gained the convenience of charging their food and drink expenses to their accounts for deferred payment. This streamlined billing process enriched the customer experience while easing the settlement process.

Discovery Park Cafe Epos System

The Implementation

The implementation process involved seamless integration of the Epos systems across all three Discovery Park campuses outside of normal trading hours. Gardiff Epos’s technical team meticulously installed the terminals and configured the software to align with Discovery Park’s unique requirements. The deployment was carried out without disruption to ongoing operations, highlighting the effectiveness of the implementation strategy.


Discovery Park Epos

Results and Benefits from the EPOS System

The integration of the Gardiff Epos system marked a significant turning point for Discovery Park’s hospitality services which helped to enhance the customer experience. The newfound ability to manage customer accounts and offer deferred payment options greatly enhanced the overall customer service, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty The centralised cloud back office software facilitated efficient management of transactions, menu updates, and inventory tracking, resulting in smoother operations and reduced administrative effort. The secure integrated card payments streamlined the billing and settlement process, leading to more timely revenue collection and improved cash flow management.

As Discovery Park continues to grow and advance its position as a world-leading innovative science park, Gardiff Epos are proud to partner with such a standout institution.

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