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Gardiff cloud based EPOS back office enable you to manage your business from anywhere. Suitable for single premise operations to nationwide multi-site corporations, you’re able to see your sales, manage your stock and control your pricing remotely at any time from any device.

Our real-time reporting EPOS dashboards and EPOS back office management tools give you instant control of your business from your desktop, your tablet or on the go with your phone.

We worked with Parlez, a pub and bistro in South East London, to upgrade their system to include Gardiff EPOS back office software, so they’d be able to get reporting and analytics in their EPOS system.

The Brief

The team behind Parlez pride themselves on delivering varied customer experiences to diverse communities. The service offering delivers a mix of fresh bistro food, drink, music and community products from local suppliers and artists.

The client was using an older basic back office system on-site that made managing the business remotely or on the move difficult. The business is constantly developing at a rapid pace. For effective management, the team needs to gain live insights into their data to ensure menu changes, product ranges and promotions are delivering the expected returns, enabling the staff to focus on exceptional customer service.

The Gardiff EPOS Back Office Solution

Showing the Cloud Back-office Suite to the operational team identified how the solution would be utilised effectively. Key sales information appeared in real-time on user friendly dashboards, and in-depth reporting was a breeze on a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. The team understood how they could update the menu to add or remove items from stock in a few seconds and have those changes sent down to the EPOS systems on site instantly or when scheduled.

The Delivery

Simple – We just added a secure cloud site key to their existing Gardiff EPOS system, set up accounts for the management team to log in with, and they were ready to go. Cloud based EPOS in under 5 minutes.

Integrating the existing system, cloud back office and Gardiff’s online ordering platforms with Just-Eat has penetrated the business into new marketplaces, powering both onsite and offsite sales to new highs. Using Gardiff’s powerful tools, the business can update pricing in one easy-to-use system and automatically update all of their online sales channels. From their own branded self service app, to the main UK delivery marketplaces, Parlez can now be managed from anywhere at anytime to deliver growth.

The Customer Benefits from the Gardiff EPOS Back Office

Gardiff’s expertise enabled the team to improve operational efficiency immediately. Managers now spend less time maintaining menus, pricing and reconciling cash and PDQs. The solution has allowed the team to focus on increasing profitability by reducing wastage and stock losses, enabled by the increased visibility of every area of the business and the operational time savings.

Analysing the reporting insights gained from the EPOS back office has seen a positive effect on revenue by tailoring the service and product offering. The business now sends out highly targeted promotional offers to their clients via social media and email, based on the information at their fingertips.

Managing staff and investigating any queries by quickly understanding issues through the cloud’s extensive insights resolves problems, finds opportunities for improvement and streamlines the business.

The Parlez team are looking to expand, and have identified new sites to add to their portfolio. They believe that Gardiff’s cloud EPOS software will make any future expansion plans easier to implement, replicating the existing systems in place and brand standards going forward.

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