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When running a hospitality business, it’s important for you to be able to balance costs while making sure guests are happy. An effective restaurant EPOS system will help you to take your business to the next level, with minimal up front costs and quick return on investment. You’ll be able to streamline your operations, provide better customer service and control your costs. 

What is a restaurant EPOS system?

A restaurant EPOS, or restaurant POS system is a combination of hardware and software where orders are processed and payment is taken. This can include a till screen, card reader, receipt printer, cash drawer and software.

The EPOS system works as orders are entered into the software, automatically notifying the kitchen or the order and its details. At the end of the meal, the customer can pay using cash or card and receives a receipt.

What are the benefits of a restaurant EPOS system?

Efficient restaurant seating plans

A restaurant EPOS system can help to reduce guest waiting times with a seating plan, showing at a glance which tables are available or waiting to be served. Whether your business is quick service or fine dining, you’ll see the benefits an efficient seating plan can bring.

Tableside ordering

Speed up your service by allowing servers to process orders tableside with hand-held EPOS hardware. Once the order is placed, it gets sent directly to the kitchen or bar, so there’s no more delay while the waiter goes back to the central till to input the order. This means food or drink preparation can immediately start, with guaranteed accuracy.

Enhanced customer service

Waiters will have more time to engage with your customers, and as the customer journey ends, effortlessly take payments. Easily split bills and take payments tableside, whether that’s cash, credit or mobile wallet.

If you’re in a quick service environment, you may also want to add customer facing screens to your till points to display the order information, so customers can confirm the order is correct.

Get a better view of your business

If you’re an entrepreneur running a business, data is vital to understanding your own success. Data can help you make better decisions, improve your processes and see the bigger picture—all while helping you understand what customers want and how they behave. That’s why it’s important to have access to reliable restaurant EPOS systems that provide actionable insights from accurate financial data. You’ll be able to monitor sales, stock, best selling items and staff to help you make business decisions. 

Easily update your restaurant menus

A good restaurant EPOS system will allow you to change the price of your dishes, add new ones and create a menu that is tailored to your customers. You’ll be able to alter the items on offer at any time, so your business can adapt to the demands of customers. 

Run your business from anywhere

You won’t need to be in your restaurant to check your stock, reports, and sales. Your EPOS back office can be accessed on any device, in any location so you can make important business decisions on the go.

Manage stock levels

Controlling your stock doesn’t need to be complicated and time consuming. A restaurant EPOS system streamlines every element of your inventory management so you can keep costs down and improve the efficiency and profitability of your business. Measure stock based on what has been sold, what is left and what has been wasted. Analyse your historical trends and patterns to make sure you don’t under or overstock items and easily keep track of multiple locations.

Save money and time

A good restaurant EPOS system saves you time and money. It’s also a great way to reduce errors, reduce staff costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Staff spend less time on manual data entry, which also reduces the number of order errors, which leads to happier customers and less money wasted. 

Ready to commit to a restaurant EPOS system?

In this post, we’ve looked at why you should consider investing in an EPOS system for your restaurant. We hope that it has given you some insight into the benefits of a good EPOS system and how it can help you run your business more efficiently and profitably. We know that choosing the right system for your business can be difficult, so if you’d like to have a chat with our team about how Gardiff EPOS would work for you, please get in touch.