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Yummies are a family owned Jewish-style bagel bakery, patisserie and delicatessen with sites in North London. All of their food is made by their team of bakers in-store, serving bagels, bread, pastries and deli classics. Their delis have the option to grab and go, or to sit at their cafe tables – perfect for when the sun is shining.

We worked with them to supply their Mill Hill site with a custom bakery and deli shop EPOS system.

The Brief

The owners of Yummies needed a bakery EPOS system that would allow them to offer high-quality service to their customers whilst controlling their business. To do so, they needed the EPOS system to seamlessly process the customer journey and orders through the onsite experience.

They needed a way to scan products in, as well as to input orders at the till. For ease of use the system also needed to be able to provide eat in and takeaway auto VAT calculations.

It was essential for the management team to be able to easily keep on top of stock, manage menus and offers and have a thorough reporting system. They needed clear sales reports with trend analysis to help them develop the value proposition to customers and deliver profitability.

The Gardiff Bakery and Deli Solution

The Gardiff EPOS system is a reliable, intuitive, and robust EPOS solution in use by thousands of businesses across the country. The software is packed with features that will allow you to do what matters most: provide excellent customer service and grow your business. Designed for single and multisite businesses, the system enables your business to stay profitable long-term.

The client was shown how easy our bakery and deli EPOS system is to use to provide quality customer service. The system can be managed in the cloud back office, providing extensive sales reports.

Barcode scanners provide a hassle free way to add additional items to orders, whilst the software has the ability to automatically calculate VAT for every order. The system also has the ability to create pop ups and upselling prompts for staff, to maximise order value and profitability.

For the reporting solution, we showed the Yummies team how Gardiff’s extensive reporting suite could identify opportunities for improvements, from the cashing up and end of day processes to daily and weekly sales reporting. As well as reports available on the till, we also included an extensive reporting set in the cloud, with key sales information available in real-time on user friendly dashboards. In-depth reporting is a breeze on a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

The Delivery

Working with the Yummies team, Gardiff conducted initial project management, network implementation, bakery EPOS equipment installation, and on-site employee training.

We delivered our EPOS equipment (EPOS software, countertop terminals, cash drawers and barcode scanners) and networked these, connecting them to wi-fi. As well as installing the equipment, our engineers provide staff training, providing flexibility for last minute menu changes, system configurations, and addressing final questions from stakeholders.

Our in-house support staff enabled the cloud back office and arranged access for Walnut’s management team.

The Customer Benefits from the Gardiff Bakery and Deli Solution

As a result of Yummies’ decision to implement our bakery and deli EPOS system, they have optimised customer service and streamlined staff operations.

The front of house staff find the system easy to use, whilst the management team are able to see valuable sales data across their sites, allowing them to adapt to specific needs as they arise within the business as well as tailor rewards and promotions.

Feedback and reviews from customers have been very positive, especially for the staff’s customer service.

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