Pubs & Bars

A busy pub or bar needs a tried and tested EPOS system that can be relied upon when the going gets tough!

Gardiff EPOS systems are used by many pubs & bars across the country to help run their business smoothly and provide a great service to their customers. We have many years experience working with pubs & bars so we know that your EPOS system needs to be simple to operate, fast and reliable.

At Gardiff EPOS we know that its not just about state of the art EPOS hardware that looks good in your premises, it's also about fantastic, reliable software that helps you reduce paperwork whilst helping you to maintain control over your business.

Our EPOS solutions have a range of features that include:

Modern touch screen terminals, cash drawers & printers

Simple to set up

Add or update products simply & quickly

Fast & efficient - set up for minimal key presses

Kitchen printers and screens

Wireless ordering tablets

Graphical table plans

Table reservation option

Integrated card payment options

Supports 'tabs' and split bills

Stock control and alerts

Prompts for up-selling

Happy hours or discount promotions

Individual staff ID & login

Multiple staff logins - 'clerk interrupt' feature

Staff time keeping...

And much more besides. Whats more, our EPOS systems are fully supported by trained, experienced staff so if something does go wrong we are on hand when you need us to get you back up an running as quickly as possible.

Why not get in touch and see how Gardiff EPOS can help your business? Call us today on 0845 0600 406 or 01462 428 470. Alternatively email us at