Fast Food & Quick Service

Fast food and takeaways are a feature of today's high street and modern EPOS solutions are helping these businesses evolve and thrive. Touch screen technology ensures that food orders are clear and correct which helps reduce wastage when processing orders - a vital feature in a busy fast food outlet

Online ordering and delivery are all services offered by our favourite fast food outlets and Gardiff EPOS systems are designed to support your business with this functionality.  Not only can we provide modern touch screen terminals that allow you to receive and process orders from 'walk in' customers, our EPOS solutions can also process your online and telephone orders too.

Just some of the key features of our EPOS solutions for fast food & takeaways are:

Customised touch screen tills

Integrated kitchen printers & kitchen screens

Online ordering - NO commission payable!

Integrated contactless and Chip & PIN payment options

Up-selling and promotion prompts

Own branded smartphone App & website for online ordering

Simple ordering process

Telephone order processing

Calling Line Identification (CLI) - retrieves existing customer details

Create delivery zones & add surcharges

Email & SMS order updates

Stock controls and alerts 

Back office reporting 

For more information on how Gardiff EPOS systems can support your fast food or takeaway business call us today on 0845 0600 406 or 01462 428 470. Alternatively email us at