The Andover Arms

A classic, award winning London pub, The Andover Arms in Hammersmith combines great beer and an exciting, seasonal food menu.

Described as ‘London’s hidden gem’, The Andover Arms in Hammersmith is an award winning British gastropub.

Their loyal clientele includes a mix of diners and drinkers who pack out the venue whenever the doors are open.  The Arms could be hosting one of their jazz nights, a hugely popular pub quiz or just a regular evening where the community can get together over a pint or two.

‘We had always been customers of Gardiff’, Victoria or ‘Vicki’ de Polo, the Andover Arms general manager explained, ‘…however we wanted to move with the time and upgrade our system and go wireless.’

The front of house team were eager to speed up service while still maintaining the pub’s exceptionally high standards and join the 21st Century with new wireless communications.  Vicki had worked tables in a previous hospitality position and was keen to implement this technology at the Andover.

‘There is a high expectation from our customers for fast service, and there are often occasions where we get very busy in a short space of time’ says Vicki.

After consulting with the Gardiff EPOS team it was deciding that the best option for the Andover included a new 15” touch screen terminal with the latest back office software along with two 7” android tablets for taking orders at tables.  This allowed The Andover Arms to make a cost saving by reducing the number of tills required by replacing them with more cost effective Android tablets – which also improve order efficiency and accuracy.

‘After having decided which upgrade would be right for us and seeing examples of the tablets, all our old till information was downloaded and very swiftly put onto what would be our new system,’ Vicki said. Gardiff then spent the day with us making changes and teaching us how to use the software & hardware – and then we went live!’

A few teething problems were swiftly overcome by Gardiff’s exceptional customer support.  ‘The aftercare that I receive each and every time that I have a question or a problem has been incredible,’ Vicki said.

The installation of the new, upgraded system was ‘almost seamless’, according to Vicki: ‘…from start to finish, it probably took about two weeks until we went live.’

The results speak for themselves.  ‘The tablets have made a huge difference to our speed of service – not only because we no longer need to walk to a POS screen, but it also removes the need for verbal communication between the staff.  We are able to place an order for food, take a dessert order, send mains away and also print a bill, knowing that there will be a member of staff to pick up all these jobs and that all the customers’ needs have been looked after.’

Vicki goes on to say, ‘Due to our service level having become more efficient and faster, I have noticed that our customers are happier that they are looked after so quickly.  It always impresses guests when a waitress is (still taking a food order) at their table and their drinks are delivered by another member of staff!’

‘The difference that the system has made to our business has been huge, but on the whole – Gardiff EPOS has one of the best customer service and aftercare support that I have ever experienced, having been In the industry for almost 20 years.’ Vicki said. ‘I can’t recommend them enough!’

Vicki de Polo, General Manager - The Andover Arms.  A Gardiff EPOS customer