Mosimann's Henley Regatta

With the legendary chef-patron Anton Mosimann at its head, Mosimann’s is a long-established, family-run business and holder of the Royal Warrant by Appointment to HRH the Prince of Wales for Catering Services.  In 2009, the business expanded to cater for annual events such as Henley Royal Regatta.

Henley Royal Regatta is a highlight of both the international sporting calendar and the London social season. Over a 5-day period, it attracts thousands of visitors and thrills them with 200 races of an international standard, including those crewed by Olympians. Away from the water, there’s a great atmosphere to soak up and visitors can relax in the retail and hospitality facilities located within the Enclosures.

The Challenge

For a premium brand moving into a broader market, the challenge is always to protect standards and its reputation for excellence whilst developing the business profitably. In the creation of its event catering services, Mosimann’s has met this challenge with aplomb. A strong service ethos, impeccable staff training and quality of food and beverages all have their role to play, as does the use of specialist hospitality technology to automate processes.

Explains Jorrit de Jong, Finance & Project Coordinator for Mosimann’s: “Our IT solutions are there to facilitate service and maximise revenue. Before Gardiff EPOS, we ran our operations with Casio tills. Performance was an issue and the system generated no management information.”

External events bring practical challenges. “We’re usually in the middle of a field, working off generators. Set up is not always easy and there are often surprises when we come on site. Time is always tight too, so it’s tough for us and for Gardiff EPOS.”

The Benefits

The Gardiff EPOS solution provides sophisticated EPOS software and a reliable hardware platform;

Innovations such as a tablet-based ordering system have has enhanced Mosimann’s offering;

The caterer acknowledges the exceptional service Gardiff EPOS delivers right across the relationship;

Rapid, intuitive and efficient EPOS tools mean that meals can be served within minutes, queues are kept down and client satisfaction is high;

Gardiff EPOS has proved adaptable, flexing to the requirements of each Mosimann’s client;

Rich management information enables the business to analyse and learn from each event, resulting in better planning and budgeting.

The Solution

Mosimann’s has been working with Gardiff EPOS since 2011. “Gardiff helped us at The 2012 Olympics with a more sophisticated and more reliable solution. We couldn’t have managed without them. We now have Gardiff EPOS right across the business.”

Systems development is also outsourced to Gardiff EPOS. “We work together to find new areas for improvement.” The provider is responsible for services such as installation, configuration and support. “It’s imperative for speedy service that one company is accountable for everything.”

At Henley in 2016, the Gardiff EPOS solution encompassed its own EPOS software, seven PC-based touchscreen EPOS terminals and eight Android tablets which were used in the restaurant.

Public catering consisted of an informal food and beverage service in the main bar, comprising sandwiches, hot items, pastries, hot and cold beverages, and in the restaurant a seated 3-course lunch service, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and afternoon tea.

The volume of guests was huge and service at particular points was under a lot of pressure. Having the bar and restaurant at some distance from each other was not ideal either. To get round this, Gardiff linked the systems. They also built remote access directly to the tills from their offices in case of problems.

The Results

System flexibility
Whilst each event makes particular demands on the technology, Mosimann’s finds the Gardiff EPOS solution adaptable. “Each does business in a different way so we need flexibility. Gardiff are always keen to adapt and come up with clever and elegant solutions.”

Speed and ease of use
As Mosimann’s often employs casual staff, the EPOS solution need to be intuitive and easy to use. “Guest volumes can be very high and we need to ensure food is served hot and quickly. The Gardiff EPOS system is fast and it needs to be. Clients don’t wait for a bill; if the till breaks down, we have to do it manually.” de Jong observes that Mosimann’s finds the system extremely reliable. “We’ve had no problems, everything works well.”

Mobile Order-taking
Gardiff EPOS and Mosimann’s have collaborated on tablet-based ordering, now the model for all seated service. Mobile ordering makes life easier for servers and speeds up service. “Absolutely anyone can pick up a tablet and place an order. Orders are keyed in and directed to the stations where each item is produced; hot beverages go to their printer, cold drinks to the bar, food to the kitchen. Each station can produce what’s required immediately and we use runners to deliver to the table. We can send out a lunch in 4-5 minutes and drinks in 2 minutes. If we had to write down orders and enter them on the system those service levels would not be possible.”

Tablet transactions show up on the tills, which helps cashiering. All payments, including discount vouchers, can be processed quickly. Service speed is further helped by staff accessing different screens from different terminals. “All the way from taking an order, routing items to different stations, to the end of meal when the guest is ready to pay, the cashier has everything ready.”

Management information
Jorrit de Jong is a great advocate of reporting. “The only way to improve is to learn from what you’ve done. Tracing history and comparing events helps us to purchase accurately and minimise waste. Gardiff gives us all we need to understand our clients and plan and budget more effectively. From a company point of view, we have control. We have lots of records to analyse and use for forecasting. It’s a process of continual improvement.”

Gardiff EPOS Support
“For all our events, time is tight, clients are demanding and there’s no room for error, so support is key. Gardiff support is quite exceptional. Its people are charming to deal with. They understand they have to provide a system that can’t break down and that’s what they deliver. I’ve not found this to be the case with other systems.”

Jorrit de Jong - Mosimann's. A Gardiff EPOS customer