King's Cross Theatre

The King's Cross Theatre is an exciting new theatre venue in the heart of the re-developed King's Cross area.  They have received critical acclaim for their recent production of The Railway Children and they have seen audience numbers increase from 8,000 to 18,000 per week.  

King’s Cross Theatre was set up in December 2014 as a temporary ‘pop-up’ theatre to house the production of The Railway Children.

Initially set to run for three months, the show was a huge success and provided the foundations for a two year residency in King’s Cross & expansion to house three additional productions in three separate auditoriums.

The infrastructure originally set up in December 2014 was designed to support one production with an audience capacity of up to 8,000 per week for a short, fixed period of time. In anticipation of future expansion it was clear that in order to service up to 18,000 people per week, a more sophisticated stock management & EPOS system that would support the increased volumes of people, stock and revenue expected was required.

The Key Requirements identified for the EPOS Solution

- Stock management capabilities
- Gross Profit margin reporting
- Intelligent sales data
- Support for Hospitality and retail sales
- Networked system for consolidated reporting
- Fast & ergonomic terminals
- Separate venue set-ups, products & prices
- A theatre service model – interval orders, departmental re-charging, speed of service 
- Roaming sales
- Barcoding facilities
- Smooth transition into the new system to maintain financial & operational processes
- Expertise and support services

The Results 

After considering 3 other providers, Gardiff EPOS were clear front runners.

Gardiff supported the Venue team in building the system to ensure the existing essential processes were maintained, allowing them to continue to produce the data needed. Gardiff provided expertise & advice when configuring the system and were resolute in finding solutions to all our needs & queries. As expected there was a ‘bedding in’ period whilst we tested the system and determined our needs in an expanded business. Throughout, Gardiff provided support & solutions to achieve our goals.

The touch screen terminals are easy to use for our staff and provide the essential speed of service we require.

The stock management & reporting module is easy to use and removed the need for unnecessary spreadsheets, providing real time data for intelligent stock management. We have the capability to report on the separate venues effectively & set up targeted products, prices & deals according to the audience demographic at each site effectively.

The interval orders facility is simple & quick for staff & customers, with automated and clear printed receipts. The departmental recharging process is simple for floor staff to follow and for each department/accounts team to reconcile.

We have yet to utilise the bar-coding scanning facilities but will be doing so for merchandise sales for our next production. The roaming sales capabilities are to be explored further as we understand the needs of each audience.

With regards to the service provided by Gardiff EPOS, Siobhan Lightfoot, Operations Manager at the King's Cross Theatre says:

'The Gardiff out of hours Support Service has not been required often,  but when needed it has been highly responsive & supportive to find immediate solutions. We now have intelligent data to inform our sales strategy in our growing theatre business which we did not have with our old EPOS system. We look forward to continuing to with Gardiff over the coming years.'

Siobhan Lightfoot - Operations Manager, King's Cross Theatre.  A Gardiff EPOS customer