The Cattle Grid

At the heart of the historic tourist destination of Windsor, the Cattle Grid is a popular destination for food that combines quality, quantity and value for money.

Cattle Grid is a go-to destination for people of Windsor looking to sink their teeth into a steak meal that combines quality, quantity and value. 

The Berkshire town’s popularity is driven by its castle and countless other royal connections, and is perfectly located on the River Thames.  The Cattle Grid restaurant chain now has four outlets across the UK and has built a reputation for delivering an honest, wholesome dining experience. It’s a brand that, whilst being big on style, also retains credibility behind sourcing its food responsibly.

Cattle Grid offers a takeaway service, but the majority of its trade comes from sit-down guests. And a busy, loud, engaging and lively restaurant environment requires EPOS technology to reflect its demands, and that’s where Gardiff have come in to help.

In February 2013, Gardiff EPOS installed their most up-to-date system into the Cattle Grid restaurant, Windsor – a 15” touchscreen terminal, which is fed by four completely portable 7” Galaxy tablets. The installation was one of a number of measures management took to improve efficiency, accountability and profitability. And, according to manager Tamra Gray, is has been by far their best investment.

“The biggest advantage for us has been efficiency in terms of orders. We’ve seen an incredible improvement in orders being correct and a huge decrease in wastage.

“In any restaurant, wastage is a necessary side-effect. But the only wastage we should tolerate is leftovers from customers. We have to keep our own efficiency in check, and the system has enabled us to do that. In the past, we might have lost 10 bottles of coke out of 500 because of miscommunicated orders. Now, this is down to one or two. 

“In addition, we can input the more complex parts of orders with certainty – particularly where sauces, garnishes and side orders are concerned.’ 

“We also have a much more efficient operation in terms of staff movement around the restaurant. Waiting staff no longer have to return to a central fixed EPOS, but can float around tables taking orders and assisting diners, keeping their mobile tablet in their pockets at all times. 

“I’ll be honest and admit there was uncertainty at first when it came to deciding if Gardiff EPOS was right for us. You need everyone ‘buying into it’ from the start. So that was probably my biggest concern - how quickly could my staff adapt to the system? Well, there were the usual moans and groans when it was announced because staff don’t like change, and we accept that. But very quickly they took to the technology and there’s no-one here who would rather go back to the days of pens and notepads. 

“I was also worried too that our brand might conflict with the Gardiff system. Sure, it’s a fantastic piece of technology, but I was concerned it might not match with what Cattle Grid represents in terms of the food and the decor. But I needn’t have worried – customers love seeing the system in action and it adds to the perception that we are a wholesome brand, yet one that is always looking to improve, stay ahead of the times and adapt to things that make the whole experience as comfortable as possible, and what restaurant wouldn’t want that? 

“What has really stood out for me though has been the customer service we’ve received. If something has gone wrong or we’ve needed assistance to solve a query, the Gardiff team are on hand straight away. Peace of mind in this fast-paced industry means an awful lot.

“And it’s a marker to how good the Gardiff EPOS system is that, in many ways, we now take it for granted. It works quietly and efficiently in the background and we can now concentrate fully on what we’re here to do – make great food and give customers fantastic experiences. 

“To anyone wondering if it’s for them, you’ll be won over from the very first day of operation when everything slots into place, or from the very first stock take or accounts run, when the intricacies of your business are laid out by the system right in front of you. It’s really so easy.”

Tamra Gray – Cattle Grid Restaurant.  A Gardiff EPOS customer.