Bogota Coffee

Bogota Coffee is Milton Keynes' first independent coffee house. Opened in 2014, this exciting venture aims to bring a flavour of the ‘buzzing’ creative, artisan coffee shops of Bogota, London and New York to the UK’s home counties.

The challenge

When planning their new undertaking, Paul and Carl knew that choosing the right EPOS system was critical to the business’s success – but they were keen to avoid complicated solutions. “We only wanted something basic because that's what we're like; we don't want anything complicated, we try to keep things simple,” Paul explained.

With expected peak hours reflecting those traditionally seen in coffee shops combined with the store’s ideal location in the middle of the business district, a fast, reliable and responsive EPOS solution was an essential investment to keep their new customers content. “We’ve found that mornings between half seven and 9:15 are really busy - then there’s the lunchtime rush as well,” Paul said. “During those two periods we just need the system to be really quick, as our customers are on their way to work or on their way to a train – they can't wait about.”

The benefits

Complete customisation
Unlike other systems which are limited to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, Gardiff EPOS system is almost completely customisable to your own business’s needs.

Fast, efficient installation
Gardiff EPOS engineers are specially trained in low-impact, fast turn-around installations which are tailored for minimal disruption to your business’s work day. The interface is programmed before installation takes place, so as soon as the cables are connected you’re ready to start using the new Gardiff EPOS equipment.

Simple to operate
The understandable, intuitive interface created by Gardiff can be picked up quickly with minimal training, so new workers are up to speed in no time at all.

Full technical support
Gardiff EPOS support is available from 8.00am to Midnight, 365 days a year – essential for a busy coffee shop serving many clients in quick succession.

Adjustable financial packages
With options for either renting or buying Gardiff equipment, businesses of all sizes and budgets can have access to a top-end EPOS system.

Staff management
The system can be used for staff to “clock in” at the start and end of their shift, enabling the store’s management to keep track of the hours worked and keep an eye on individual performance levels.

The solution

After visiting the site and discussing the business’s needs, Gardiff provided Bogota Coffee with a 15" touch screen terminal and an integrated two-line customer display.

“It was vital that the hardware and software we supplied was durable, reliable and responsive even during busy periods,” Carl Harris from Gardiff EPOS explained. “The system was installed on the front of the shop’s counter so that staff can serve Bogota Coffee’s clients in a customer-facing position. This helps to speed up service and provide a better guest experience.”

The touch screen provided for Bogota Coffee is large enough for all staff to clearly refer to orders during service: plus, as accidents do happen, the interface is also designed to be spill-proof and dust-proof. It has an integrated customer display so that the current guest can see the items being purchased and watch the transaction amount as their order is entered. “This is a common feature that’s used by all of the major coffee chains in their EPOS solutions” Carl explained: “It really helps with queue-busting.”

Though the business is still young, when Bogota Coffee is finally ready to expand, their Gardiff EPOS solution can grow with them. “The system we provided contains all of the modules required to easily scale up the Bogota operation if required,” Carl said. “We’re ready to provide integrated loyalty schemes, whether by traditional card or a smartphone app; ordering by tablets in the seating area and even cloud-based reporting across single or multiple stores. As Bogota Coffee grow, the system can easily be modified to fit their business model, so it provides a real return on their investment.’

Paul from Bogota Coffee on the Gardiff EPOS solution.

Customised interface

“The first question we ask our customers is: ‘Are you staying in the shop or taking it away?’ - so straight away you hit one of the two buttons, and then everything goes from there,” Paul explained. “Being able to say "that's what we want the till to do" was a big plus. When we signed up I sent an email explaining the process we wanted and provided our menus, so when they did install the till, everything was already on there.“

Large touchscreen display

”If someone hasn't marked a cup up [with an order] correctly, I can quickly glance at the till and it'll clearly show the customer's order on the screen,” Paul said. “A normal analogue till would – well, would just be a bunch of keys, so you'd have to ask the customer or other server again.”

Fast, efficient installation

Paul was amazed with the speed of installation, saying: “I think it took two hours to install [our set up] – and the only reason it took that long is because the location of our Internet connection meant we had to run a cable round the whole shop and hide it.”

Simple operating system

“When we were in the process of hiring staff, they'd come in for a trial shift and we'd put them on the Gardiff till for half an hour,” Paul said. “Pretty much every one of them was ready to start serving customers within about three minutes of showing them the till - it's that easy to use.”

Adjustable payment options

“Renting the kit meant that the initial outlay was a lot cheaper,” Paul said, “which was a bonus because we were setting up our store on a tight budget.”

Support packages

“[Gardiff EPOS support] was a big thing for us,” Paul said. “If we've got a queue of people and a till goes down, then there's not a lot we can do: we lose money and we get a bad reputation. There have been a couple of times we've needed to know things about the system, so we've just rung through and they've sorted it out.”

Although Bogota Coffee had Gardiff EPOS support from its first day of trading, Paul is absolutely certain that the till and EPOS system provided has contributed to the company’s ongoing success. “I can tell it's been a help,” he said.

Paul & Carl - Bogota Coffee Co. Milton Keynes.  A Gardiff EPOS customer