Antic Pub Company

A long standing, 16 year relationship between Gardiff EPOS and Antic London has seen us provide EPOS solutions across their unique London sites.

‘We aspire to be great local pubs, with decent beer, decent food and decent service…’ is how Operations Director Max Alderman describes the Antic Pub Company.  The London based group currently boasts 43 venues, with another four due to open soon.

‘Whenever we acquire a pub, we do a complete refurb’ and that includes getting rid of any systems and putting in our tried-and –tested EPOS software and hardware’ says Alderman.

With a relationship going back over 16 years, Antic and Gardiff EPOS have grown together.  Gardiff EPOS software has evolved significantly and Gardiff continue to provide powerful, stylish, cutting edge EPOS terminals on which to run its solution.

Each Antic pub has an EPOS system from Gardiff that runs stand-alone.  ‘We want a system that works hard, that’s reliable and robust and doesn’t break down on a Friday night.  If there are issues, we need to be able to unplug a till, plug in a new one and carry on.  The hardware supplied by Gardiff is perfect for what we do.’  Every Antic pub now has a Gardiff EPOS solution.

A popular feature of the Gardiff solution is the ‘all in the head’ technology which permits flexible mounting, from counter, to wall, to pole.  ‘We site our tills at the back of the bar but on poles in our restaurants’

Alderman also acknowledges how rugged the hardware is.  ‘They can cope with having a glass of wine spilt over them.. They’re robust and just keep going.’

The Gardiff front-of-house EPOS software comes on for praise.  ‘Our staff find it very intuitive, very simple to use.  Set-up options are great and mean we can adapt and customise the system to the needs of different staff and different environments.  We like its flexibility and the scope it gives us.’

When it comes to the back office, Antic Pub Company managers rely on the reporting functions that come with the Gardiff EPOS solution.  Reporting is done pub by pub, but Alderman hasn’t ruled out the possibility of reporting being consolidated across the whole estate as the Group expands.  Running typically at 75% wet and 25% dry, sales and takings are analysed in detail.  ‘Thanks to Gardiff, we’re in control and know exactly what we’ve sold, when.’

In an increasingly competitive industry with tight margins, Antic Pub Company is satisfied that it is getting a good cost of ownership from its Gardiff EPOS solution.  ‘The cost of purchase and running costs are reasonable, which is good for our bottom line.’

Alderman concludes, ‘We find Gardiff a very helpful company and we enjoy a very positive relationship with them.’

Max Alderman - Antic Pub Company.  A Gardiff EPOS customer